Friday, March 23, 2007

Day off

So I've had a great day off today. Everything is going as planned Multicolor My massage felt so good this morning I wish I could get one every week. I am just sitting around waiting to get my hair cut.

I fell asleep for a bit and then my phone rang. It was Tony. He just called to see how it was going, just calling for the heck of it....oh yeah, tomorrow I want you to do extra cardio!! I hope you have time for it. Well, i'm going to Beka's comp but I am sure I can squeeze it in somewhere. Spinnng

I got a new scale too and it says I am 2 lbs heavier than the other one I have?? The new one is digital so I will use it. It read 121 this morning. Oh well the thought of being under 120 was nice for a bit;) Really i'm not sweating it because I see new lines and clothes are getting bigger everyday!!!!

I will be napping again after my hair cut because this old lady can't hang anymore. My sister and her friends will be going all night long!! Moonwalker Rave


Marthab said...

Man, I'm jealous. I don't get phone calls. sniff...

April said...

Be glad you don't get phone calls. They always end in you need to do extra cardio or you need to not eat carbs today:)

Marthab said...

ha ha. i guess so. I'm thinking soon I will be getting those messages. Only 13 weeks!