Sunday, May 6, 2007

In the Words of Fiona Apple

I've been a bad bad girl....

Our cruise was awesome! I love our time together without work, dog, and other things that get in the way. This is when we can just relax and focus on how much we love and enjoy each other. Okay enough of that sick mushy crap.

I am through with my carb/sugar load week. I don't even feel like eating at all today. My breakfast, and lunches were 85% clean but at dinner after the meals I splurged on dessert and it was wonderful!!! I had one Pina Coloda and that was all the alcohol I consumed because I kept thinking of Tony saying alcohol is a metabolism killer. I wish he would have said this about chocolate:) Martha and Amyella may not want to read this next part. I ate fish for dinner every night just because I don't care for red meat so the meals weren't so bad. I tried the banana shortcake one night just because it had peanut butter sauce on it. OMG everything tasted so good. I even had a slice a pizza for lunch on Friday!!! I felt like telling all the freaking huge fat people to get out of my way I am not going to go home and eat McD's and ding dongs. You could tell most of them were. I almost felt sorry for some of those people. I feel really fat right now but I know mine and then some will be gone in a couple of weeks. Yesterday I hardle ate anything just because flying sucks and gets you off schedule big time. Our flight from San Juan didn't leave until 1:45p and we got home at 12:30a this morning.

I did walk 2 miles fasted state every morning and took the stairs when I wasn't in heels. I also did 4 miles of walk/runs everyday except for Thursday. Tony told me to do this 2-3 hours before the big dinners and I should be fine. I probably would have been fine without the smorgasbord of desserts!! I just kept thinking of the comp in 4 months and how this will be my last chance.

I'll post some pics sometime. For now I have to unpack, do laundry, go to the grocery store, cook for the week, and give my doggie lots of love!!


mb said...

Sounds like you had a blast and you SHOULD NOT feel bad. I am afirm believer and it's getting stronger that you must splurge occasionally, and keep the balance always. I'm starting to think I got hardcore too early. I'm learning a lot. Anyway, glad to have you back!

MichelleInFlorida said...

Welcome back, April! Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Good for you on just one alcoholic drink. I'm going on the BFL cruise in a couple of weeks and although I haven't had any alcohol since January, I doubt I'll be able to keep it to one alcoholic drink the whole time! :P

Stef said...

WooHoo! Sounds like a blast!!!!!

When we did our BFL C1, we went to an all inclusive in Mexico during week 8. I was pretty good with food, but not so much with alcohol. I gained 7 pounds and was soooo bloated, but lost 9 pounds the following week after we got home. That carb bloat thing sucks, but it comes off within just a few days!
Can't wait for pix!


Angela said...

Welcome back girl! Do not beat yourself up for eating....besides, you probably walked it off everyday! That is so good that you got exercise in. I dont know if i will be doing that when i go away on my honeymoon :)

Your pics are great! You look wonderful :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! So glad you had such a great time with your hubby.

Everyone's right...and so are you. You probably didn't do any damage. Your body is trained and you'll be right back at it this week. And your mentally refreshed!!

Sydney said...

Welcome back--glad you had a great time! I love that splurges make you want to get back to eating clean. The % of obese passengers on our ship was mind-blowing and depressind, too.