Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy day almost ruined

I've been in a pretty good mood lately which is scaring me. Tony called today to check up and give me some instructions for the next six days. To sum it up-no carbs, lots of carido. He told me no carbs later today, tomorrow, Sunday......started to panic and then he said except for your b-day cheat, sphew!!!! He'll call me about Monday and Tuesday because they go into great detail. On top of this 2 hours of cardio tomorrow plus my *assuming* bicep/tricep workout.

I can't wait to see the results in the next six days. I'm ready for my body to start changing more. People I work with are really worried about me LOL! I tell them it looks worse than it is because I wear a baggy uniform. So what if I passed up the bagels and donuts today......didn't you see me eating my turkey, asparagus, shakes, and chicken??

Things are a lot harder to pass up now than when I first started this journey. My little devil on my shoulder was no where to be found during the first 5 months. Now sometimes i'll think hmmmm.......just a bit won't hurt me. So far I haven't given into the temptations and don't plan on it. Except for the nuts at that wedding last weekend and those 6 peanut m&m's a few weeks ago :)

My plans this weekend are Target, workout, shower, sleep, workout, shower, eat, and sleep some more. Exciting huh?


Stef said...

Girl...YOU ARE ON FI-AH!!!!!!


EM :) said...

Ditto to what Stef said! You're rockin & Rolling! We're on the same countdown, competition wise, so let's KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!! :)
Ummm, cardio & no carbs, I think I'd pass out on the treadmill! Ha ha! What's your cardio of choice?
HAPPY EARLY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colette said...

Wow you are kicking some major butt April!
Since you are going to be competing, I wouldn't cheat at all (except for what Tony tells you). Now if you were just working out to stay fit and healthy, then that little something wouldn't hurt...but your not ;)

It's funny how people start to worry when you lose weight and your body changes. You can tell the difference between someone who just doesn't eat and one who building muscle....people!

Have a wonderful weekend

Reese Mortensen said...

mmmm lil devil...mine is always there lol.

Like garfield:He wanted to eat a donut, right? And he had the devil donut on his left side, and angel donut on his right side.

The devil donut told him to eat the donut because he wanted it soo badly. The angel donut told him to think about his shape, and the poor donut he would eat. Garfield was soooo confused, that he ate the Devil donut, the Angel donut, and the donut on the plate :-)