Saturday, December 29, 2007

I love cottage cheese!

I'm sitting here eating my beloved cottage cheese, drinking coffee, yes with sugar-free vanilla creamer and watching my husband fold the clothes :)

I went to Target of course and tried some clothes on. Shopping just isn't as fun when you have a layer of chub. I was gonna get this one shirt because it had 75 on the back of it which was the year I was born. Then I thought I should NOT get this shirt for that same reason!

Here is where I bought the beloved mug.

I bought a bunch of happy bunny magnets to put on the girl's cubicles at work. The one i'll use for mine is exercise hard, eat right, die anyway

What's up with the word beloved?? I don't ever use that word and I used it twice in this post!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007


I just woke up from a nap which feels great to do. Earlier this afternoon I did a step aerobics tape again with Cathe. I had forgotten how much I love doing these! I stopped doing them at the beginning of the year as I was following Tony's plan to a T. I thought since i'm bored and not doing anything else it couldn't hurt. HOLY MOLY! My heart rate hasn't been that high in a long time! I was dripping with sweat and it felt great! This is what I needed right now. Of course i'll be doing my Tony workout at 4p like always right on schedule.

I've been eating good today also which feels great to do. I'm not eating like crap anymore. My food has been good and no carb like Tony wants but the peanut butter balls, oreo balls and fudge got me.

Oh and who else is mad at Stacey right now for leaving us all hangin!!!!!

My new mug :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

back again!

Tony says another week on no carb because he is "guessing" that i've been less than perfect ;) Who told on me!!! LOL!! Then he throws in the pics next week ugh.....I guess that means 100% clean for me now. I am still using the sugar free creamer in my coffee until it's gone though!

Here is what I will be looking like every night until it warms up. Well not as good as her but it's what i'll be wearing. My gumdrop PJ's!

HA! My husband is upstairs bench pressing after feeling my pec muscles again!!

The day after....

I'm afraid to brush my hair because I think it will pop my scalp. I'm not going to wear pants with zippers today because they might not zip. I will be careful with my ink pens today so they don't accidentally bust the sausages I have for legs......This is what you feel like when you don't eat clean food.

I haven't worked the day after Christmas in 10 years :( I'm only going in half a day and i'll be getting a lot of stuff done since there will be hardly anyone there. I got the cutest pajamas from VS with slippers to match! My hubby knows me :) I was happy and immediately put them on(after the groping of the breasts). Do all men do that? It like instantly hands on breast whenever he see them. I just laugh because well....there's hardly any there. Then I flex them and he gets jealous and tells me he is going to start working out Jan 1st again.

That is so not fair.

No workout for Mike in 6 months = 16 lbs lost
Eating more oatmeal and apple for 3 months = 16 lbs weight gain for April
*okay this last week i've been eating desserts but that's only 2 of the lbs*

Pretty soon i'll be back in my old mindset and avoiding treats and doing excessive cardio :) Until then bon bons go great with my egg whites!!

That is so not fair.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Was that a dream?

Did I really wake up at 1:00a and eat the chocolate covered pretzels I had made? YEP! I can't remember the last time I have done something like that! What the hecks wrong with me?

I'm not feeling guilty though just in shock. Tonight I will be eating more goodies! I don't think i'll be eating that much tomorrow though thank goodness. I'm trying to decide if I want to go ahead and do my legs today or tomorrow. Since i'll be eating more tonight i'll probably go ahead and do cardio. I've already been on the treadmill this morning so maybe I burned two of those pretzels off! HA!

I was at Target at 7a this morning looking for some dang replacement shaver heads for Mike. They were out so I went to Walgreens, they didn't have them. I then tried K-mart and they had them but $10 more than Target. So being the Scrooge I am I said screw it! Mike hardly has facial hair anyway he can wait until Target gets more in stock.

Everyone have a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Presents under the tree!

I'm getting excited for Christmas now. Mike's got my presents under the tree and one of them is two boxes inside a huge Victoria's Secret bag!!! I'm not very girly so i've no clue what's in them but i'm excited! I know he didn't go out and get a bra for $50 to hold up my huge jugs. I don't wear sexy lingerie but I love jammies! So i'll let you know when I open them :)

I had a great time at the in-laws and boy did I eat off plan. I did counteract it with the typical 60 mins of cardio before I went. I didn't tell Tony about it but I know the old cardio trick. Tomorrow is my mom's Christmas Eve bash. I've been baking all day for that too. This time last year was when I was getting in touch with Tony. I can't believe it's almost been a year!

Even though i've put on some weight i'm not ashamed or in tears which is odd for me. Until last week all of it was from clean eating so that's good. I'll admit this last week there were a few treats here and there. Not to worry though i'll be competition dieting soon. It is very hard but it is so awesome when you seen new things happening and I love it! I like the bulking thing too because I can tell i'm building up underneath the chub. Someday i'm sure i'll get use to the bulking phase but since this is my first time i'm a little weirded out by it.

I'm excited about tomorrow night! I get to spend time with my mommy, daddy and sissy. Since mom and dad were divorced only 4 years ago it's still odd around the holidays. They do get along though and want to make my sister and I happy so we get together and have a great time!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Fun at home!

I love baking! I know i've said it before and i'll say it again :) After Jan 1st though no more :( I made these cookies and it says to gently place chocolate chip to make the eyes, not gently place the chocolate chips in your mouth grrrr!

Aren't these the cutest! My nieces and nephew are going to love them! This was first attempt and they are suppose to be a bit more triangular looking but oh well.

Back and abs tonight. I just did some extra cardio when I got home from work also! Offset that by the cookies I ate at work.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How did I do that?

Dang, I just got done doing an hour of cardio. My beloved ab day turned into cardio, not to worry Tony makes up for it tomorrow. I can't believe I use to do 2 hours of cardio a day! My body definetly did not miss that.

I'm am so ready to get work over with and spend time with my family. I love the holidays especially when I can eat and not worry about it HA! I did good avoiding the sweets today at work. There was also Subway and their cookies that I looked at but decided against. Why eat that when you have dry ass chicken. That is my new favorite phrase by the way. Everytime Mike asks what I am having for dinner I say it :) I know how to make non dry ass chicken but why bother. If it tastes good I may want more.

I told Angela in an e-mail today about something that really upset me. It's like I lost all my muscle. I went to the bathroom today you know the one with the good lighting, and they had changed the bulbs :( Now my arms don't look as big LOL!

My balls were a hit today and everyone asked me for the recipe. Oreos and cream cheese how hard is that? Of course I called them chocolate salty balls and people didn't understand that :) I guess there are no South Park fans at work. Oh well.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Boy!

This is in my kitchen right now!

I love baking and making desserts. I can now do it without having to eat it all too!

I am on vacation today! I just got back from Squirrel Park and boy are they FAT! Boomer has a good time and I got an added workout trying not to fall on my rump!

I'm still on no carb and feeling good. I can still fit into my 3's also! I guess even though my face and butt are a bit bigger I haven't gotten as big as I thought. At this weight earlier in the year I would have never been able to fit in a 3.

I'm getting my hair trimmed and Mike begged me not to get it any shorter :)

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I didn't realize I hadn't posted since Tuesday! I'm on no carbs again. Tony said start Friday and he'll tell me when to stop. Usually that means it'll be awhile.

I couldn't finish my walk/run last night because there is something wrong with my left calf/shin area. There is a huge bruise on the front of it too and i'm not sure how it got there. POO! I think I need a massage.

So I did "alright" avoiding temptations during the work parties. I had a few cookies on Thursday but now i'm on no carb so i'm being good. I went to a Mexican restaurant with a couple of guys I work with yesterday and I got ice tea. The weird thing is that their food didn't even look good and I LOVE mexican food. When we were done and the waiter was taking their plates one of the guys asked me if I was full LOL! I got back and I still wasn't hungry but I ate my turkey anyway.

Bathroom lighting again. I'm starting to get some arms YIPPEE!!! Sorry for the work uniform but I told you guys I look like a slob at work.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I think I will just get use to this bulking thing for now. I'm see muscles and veins like i've never seen before and I love it. Don't get me wrong shedding the fat and really seeing muscle was awesome but this is different. Okay so my pooch is back and my face is chubby I can always lose that. I only have this little amount of time before my next show to build up and i'm going to enjoy it. It'll be worth it on May 31st. I know that i'm doing this the right way with Tony so it'll all work out. This is just such a different phase for me considering all year it's been about lose, lose, lose. I'm surprised I had the little muscle that I did. Looking back I was skinny and need more muscle so watch out!

I had a great chest workout tonight. I increased on all of my weights and it felt great! I also got up early this morning and did extra cardio. I ate clean which in my case still feels crappy because it's just alot still. Beka you are right though i'm starting to like it.

I'm sure i'll be writing next week on how I hate this and i'm a cow and I hate myself LOL!!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Get ur head in it

So it's the Holidays and i'm allowed to splurge right? I don't go all out and gorge myself with food but I will say that I am enjoying not being so strict right now. I am doing things I would have never done for the first 9 months this year. Things like use coffee creamer, eat nuts, drink a diet soda and I even had an ameretto sour at the Christmas Party last night *gasp*. During my whole cruise in April this year I wouldn't even allow myself to drink. I had chicken and pasta salad and a piece of cake at the party. Actually I didn't eat the cake just the icing :) My hubby and I had a date night Friday and we went to our favorite restaurant where I got the usual greek salad with chicken. Mike got an awesome looking burger and onion rings and asked if I wanted one and I declined. So why is it I can turn down food but at my mon's today I ate a piece of fudge? This was after she asked if I wanted a ham salad sandwich and after I said no she said oh why you can't eat that right now? I said no mom and I can't eat the fudge i'm about to either but I have my priorities aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So there that's enough of that crap and as of now i'm starting fresh......okay after this cup of coffee with cinnamon vanilla creamer in it i'm starting over. I did however do cardio before the party which made me feel much better. Here is my party look.

With all that being said i'm getting ready to go do a workout!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Final day of no carb

Whew, this is my last no carb day. Day 6. I feel much better and I weighed 120.4 this morning. Keep in mind this is without extra cardio because i've been sick and i've snuck some chocolate here and there. Tony told me he knew I needed this mentally and that I need to trust him because he is doing what is best for me. Of course I know this but when you go from 107 to 123 in 8 weeks how else are you suppose to feel? So now I realize that when I need to lose he will help me do so. I do have my Christmas Party this weekend though so the fluff loss came at a good time. I no longer feel like chipmunk cheeks :)

So here is a picture of what I do after drinking my protein and taking a shower. It's also what I dream about at work:

Monday, December 3, 2007


I weighed myself this morning just for the heck of it. Keep in mind it's finally TOM again but I think that it's over now. I don't know what I was thinking since I knew I would have gained weight over the holidays. Well to my surprise I weighed 121.2! That is exactly what I weighed on Nov 18th! That is why I love keeping a blog I know exactly when and what is happening to my body.

I left work early today because all I could think about was coming home and sleeping on my comfy couch LOL!! And yes that is what I did! Tonight was chest and then I did my 10 mins ending cardio. It was nothing to hard just walk at 4.0 and jog at 6.0. Sorry Angela I know I said I wouldn't but I did :)

Tomorrow is shoulders WOOHOO! I've noticed Tony has been mixing up my days and workouts lately which is fine because it keeps me guessing. I even had an all tricep day on Saturday??? I likey!

I'm trying to stay awake for the season finale of Heroes! It's an awesome show! Mike is scarfing down pizza and probably losing weight chewing it. I had dry ass chicken with mustard, who need pizza when you have that?

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Phooey i'm sick. I knew it was coming but i'm happy I almost went all year without getting sick!

Did a tricep workout on Saturday but no cardio. I just rested up today because that is what Tony told me to do :) I am on no carbs until Wednesday and it's good timing because I don't feel like eating anything. This is my second day on it and I feel better already.

My bicep workout on Friday rocked! I saw veins busting out everywhere, everywhere but that awesome bicep vein i'm looking for but I know it's coming.

We got our new couch and love seat and they are soooo comfy. I actually fell asleep on it today while Mike was at the Colt's game!