Monday, March 31, 2008

Nothing new

I've just been eating the same thing and working out like mad :) That's my life and I love it! Of course next week will be a different story LOL!

I'm going to do just as well on this cruise as I did last year I hope. Last year I was still on my OMG i'm losing weight high and I didn't want to screw anything up. Now i'm in my I know how to drop 6 lbs. in a week so who cares EEP! I need to quit thinking like that. I know for breakfast I love oats so that's what i'll eat. I might throw some rice pudding on them like last year but i'm on vacation right? Lunch will be salads with protein and 3 differnt desserts. For dinner it's appetizer, salads, soups, main entree, and dessert and yes i'll have all that. The meals are well proportioned and healthy though so that's a plus. That's one good thing about eating in the dining rooms as opposed to the buffets.

I will be working out in a gym UGH!! I hate gyms!! Plus I will be walking up and down the stairs like a mad woman. I'm gonna wear my HR to see how many calories I burn one day just walking around the ship. Oh I cannot wait to relax. I just hope I can relax. I need to talk to Tony before I go. I know that he will have me ready in 7 weeks though when I get back. It'll be tough but he is a miracle worker and I am a miracle so we'll watch the magic happen again YES!

Dang I just read back through my post. LOL! I'm seriously mental sometimes. I go from wanting to see how many calories I burn to I cannot wait to relax??? It's pretty bad when you're confused by yourself hee hee!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Beat Down

Dang, Tony knows how to kill a girl. I want arms like Stacey's and I guess this is how you get them :) I'm working shoulders more than usual this week and I LOVE it! Today he told me that if my leg is bothering me to do a fast walk but add 20-25 minutes onto that.....HA! I'll suffer through the pain i'm tough.

Sometimes i'm feeling leaner and other days I feel like a blob? Sucks being female. I think my body shape is just changing completely so i'm not sure what i'm suppose to look like? I'm no longer depressed and it's nice to KNOW why i'm not losing weight instead of crying because I can't. I know if I sneak something here and there it will show. I too have an M&M obsession, peanut YUM! I haven't had any for awhile though. I am craving pancakes still so tomorrow I will make them :)

The sun is out in Indiana and it's as pretty as this place can get. It's a little chilly though but at least it's not gloomy! Hey, at least this time next week i'll be packing for my nice and sunny vacation YIPPEE! I need it bad!

After my show on May 31st Mike and I are driving to Destin Florida. It's about a 12 hour drive. His friend has a vacation home there so we are meeting him and his wife. So it'll be a cheap vacation. I didn't want to go at first but he puts up with me and all of this dieting and I can't go here and blah blah so I caved. He is excited and told me that it'll be awesome because i'll be real thin and can eat whatever I want LOL! Last show I hopped right back on the wagon and even did cardio the next day even though Tony told me to relax for a week. This is a sure way for me to relax and be unstressed so now i'm excited!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hanging in there

All I have to say is thank goodness for Flex-all. My grandpa swears by it too! LOL! I had an awesome workout this evening. I had back and triceps. I love to work back, triceps not so much, BUT I found that doing that split doesn't make it too bad. Tomorrow I have shoulders LOVE, biceps HATE so maybe it won't be so bad either. I'm getting really veiny?? word?? Not the kind that pop out yet but I think soon. I'm just blue all over and I like it! Not the kind of blue I was that time where my whole arm was blue hee hee!

My diet is awesome right now! I'm still not sure what I weigh nor do I care. Unless Tony tells me too I won't even weigh before my cruise to see how much I gain. What's the point? I know i'll have to bust my tail when I get back and Tony will get me where I need to be.

5 more working days!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday blah....

I've got the bring on the vacation fever at work. I just don't want to be there and all I think about is relaxing with my hubs and laying in the sun aaahhhhh.....

My leg is bothering me and it really sucks donkies. I managed 45 mins this morning, my leg workout and then 20 minutes ending cardio. Odd though, the longer I go the better it starts to feel? I'll manage. My hubby kept telling me to just stop, get off the treadmill, there is NO other way for me to get into my little blue suit though. Those of you that can do it through diet alone, i'm totally jealous!

My shirt below is a small. I will cherish this tank FOREVER seeing as she actually handed it to me :) So Jen, a small would be great for you! I think even Angela got a small and she has ta-ta's(real ones).

Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday blah....

My new toy :) I took a half day from work today because I was having some problems. I feel much better now after buying an enema, sorry TMI but that was my problem. So I bought a new incline/decline bench. I need one because i'm outgrowing my little one I have YES! My workout today was great! I have shoulder workouts a lot this week which gets me excited

I got to work today and Tony had sent an e-mail to my work address saying EAT on EASTER! WTF! Wish I would have got that yesterday LOL! I have chicken, yams, and broccoli. I could have been eating turkey, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, stuffing, corn, biscuits, brownies, no bake cookies...yes I said it, and other things. It's probably a good thing I didn't get that e-mail because seriously I would have eaten all of that HA!

Don't worry about the tanning bed I went for 8 minutes :) Also, my ribs are starting to show but that is normal for my body. The upper will slim WAY down and then the lower will SLOWLY follow.

Stacey~~here ya go!! PB2 Don't tell the big T man ;)

I made the pancakes again on Sunday and I sprinkled a bit of cocoa powder over them OMG...I was in heaven.

Here is a pic I took today. I have my new Monica Brant shirt on :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


I made pancakes this morning for breakfast! I put peanut butter on them (PB2) and davinici vanilla syrup YUM! I'm going to do that every Saturday and fool myself into thinking i'm getting a treat.

I went to Target this morning as usual. I didn't buy that much since my diet is only like 6 things now LOL! I bought some yummy stuff for the hubby though. Yummy but healthy because he likes to stay healthy too. Although he can go out on the weekends and devour an entire pizza if he wanted and you couldn't tell grrrr.....

I'm 10 weeks out now! By the looks of my kick butt workouts next week i'll be shedding some fat! I just hope my darn leg holds up. Thanks for caring Colette :)

I don't have a clue what I weigh right now?? All I know is my collar bone is starting to protrude again and my butt has gotten a bit smaller, maybe even the hips. I can start to see my ribs a bit better also. This means i'm losing because that is where I lose it first. My face should start to slim down next. I'm not going to worry about my love handles and thighs yet, I know they'll go in time....like the week of. Boy it sucks being a pear.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yo Yo Yo!

Man it's almost Friday Woo! My cruise is getting closer and we're getting super excited!! I'm working my butt off....literally again LOL! My intesity isn't the greatest right now though because of my darn leg. It was feeling better today but after my abs and running intervals it hurts again. I know I really need to take a rest for it but I just can't.

Well that's about it. Nothing exciting is happening right now. Just sleep, workouts, and work :)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yeah New Diet!

I got my new diet yesterday :) I called my mom up and said "Hey, wanna go to Kroger's with me?". Of course she did! I'm getting yams and grapefruits plus I still get my 1/2 cups of oats Whew! I was so excited when I opened it! I really hope it works for me. I just have a feeling it won't last long LOL!

I'm getting really excited about my vacation! We got new luggage and everything! It's green so it's easier to find instead of black. I'm going against my non tanning rule right now. I've been a couple of times only because I don't want to get sunburned the first day of the cruise and blister or anything. I get pretty tan for a redhead but I also burn like one.

My shin and whole left leg is hurting like a mother chicken!! I think I have a shin splint?? But...it hurt all the way up into my buttocks. I'm getting ready to ice it like a good girl once I get done playing toy. I'm so use to being in pain from my accident when I was little that it's almost just a normal thing. I guess that's the only good thing that came out of that. That and my cool scars ;)

Dogsrule.com - add your pup! Here's Boomer!

Sunday, March 16, 2008



Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Chocolate Song

Chorus: I love chocolate, I love you
I hope you'll never prove untrue
But I'll have chocolate if you do
I can count on chocolate

Father never seemed to make
enough to feed his children steak
but Mom churned out that chocolate cake
Chocolate made my childhood

Chocolate is so action packed
Makes some children hypreact
But too much speed is what I lack
Grown ups need more chocolate

Dogs love chocolate, don't know why
speeds their hearts up till they die
Vet bill's gonna make you cry
Don't let dogs have chocolate

Some say growing old's the pits
Balding heads and sagging hips
But chocolate doesn't give us zits
I'll trade my youth for chocolate

How d'you know that Easter's here?
Chocolate bunnies do appear
If Easter happened twice a year
We could have more chocolate

Careless love can break your heart
God knows smoking isn't smart
Too much beer can make you fart
Nothing's safe but chocolate

If your husband's youth is spent
His get-up-and-go has went
Chocolate straightens what is bent
Feed your husband chocolate

Young folks doubt that those above
Forty-five years old can love
Sex, of course, we don't think of
But we can still love chocolate

Belgium is a damn fine place
they eat chocolate by the case
so let the whole damn human race
sing the praise of chocolate

When I'm in a traffic jam
I don't sulk and say "goddamn"!
I'm quite happy where I am
Sittin', eatin' chocolate

If your waistband's getting tight
and dieting is such a fight
you can curb your appetite
Precede each meal with chocolate

Americans cut down, I hear
To less than five pounds each a year
It shows that when you drink weak beer
You lose your taste for chocolate

Canadian women have it tough
Do without some vital stuff
A survey says they don't get enough
_______________ Chocolate

Now that ______ is twenty-five
We're so glad that (s)he's alive
It makes a good excuse to drive
To ______ house for chocolate

______ is a damn fine place
They eat chocolate by the case
The future isn't hard to face
In ______ with chocolate

Here at this folk song retreat
Some may think the weather's neat
my chocolate melted in the heat
Sunshine's hard on chocolate

Some of you may think this song
Is short on meaning and much too long
And I'm not going to say you're wrong
Let's go have some chocolate.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Feeling up to par

Hey all! I'm feeling better and haven't had any blue arm episodes :) I do however have a sore throat all of a sudden. I took chloraseptic (sp)? and it feels better right now though. Man, my body is sucking all of a sudden HA! Tony sent me a sweet e-mail and told me to take it easy for a bit to make sure i'm okay...LMAO! I mean sure I will ;) I need to fit my fat ass in a bikini in 25 days and then into a REALLY small bikini 7 weeks after that!

Eating wise i've been doing great! I can't wait to get my new diet though. New diets always bring changes and that keeps me going. I was actually looking in the mirror today and felt good about what I looked like. I don't look real good right now but at least I think I look healthy. I would be comfortable in a bathing suit and not look like a whale. It's just crazy how much having muscle changes the shape of your body. THAT IS WHY I NEED MORE!!!

I had a great ab crit this evening and burned 430 during it YES! I didn't get up early on Tuesday or Wednesday for early cardio however I did do 45 mins ending cardio last night to make up for it a bit. I'm getting super excited for the challenge getting ready for this show! My goal was to be 115 for the cruise but I doubt that will happen. I don't know what I weigh right now but if i'm aiming for 110~112 for the show 115 in this short time wouldn't be good for my wee muscles. So maybe i'll shoot for 118...gain 3 on the cruise and then in 7 weeks i'll need to lose 10~11 lbs. That is soooo doable!!! WOOHOO!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


I had legs today and noticed that my HR was super low. I thought maybe I didn't have the chest strap on right or wet enough. So I checked it and everything was normal. Still low when I squatted WTF?? Workout's over and I get in the shower and notice my right arm was REALLY blue with veins everywhere! It was actually kind of cool but it was only my right side. I tried to make my bicep vein pop out but still nothing. My arm wasn't numb or tingly and I was breathing normal it was just crazy! Right as I got out of the shower my phone was ringing and it was Tony. Gotta take that call seems like I haven't talked to him in forever. I told him about it and he was dumbfounded too especially since you all know that a leg workout really gets the heart going. So i'm sitting here wondering if i'm gonna keel over :)

Next week Tony said he is going to give me different diet protocols to get me "stoking lean" before my cruise YIPPEE! I better follow them I guess since i'll be gorging soon!!

Other than that everything is fine. I went out for lunch with Mike's family and since we were celebrating his and his mom's b-days they brought out two HUGE pieces of turtle sundae pie. I didn't have one nibble not one! I did try some whole wheat crackers at my mom's though but I confessed that to Tony. He acted like pfft that was nothing. Now don't go out and eat a bunch of them though ;)

Thanks for the scalding on the diet pills. I'm a sucker for samples what can I say!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I'm on Fire!

No...literally! I took some Dialene sample pills I got from the Arnold Expo and i'm am beet red! They must have a lot of niacin in them because from my experience with diet pills that turns me red and hot. Moral of the story is diet pills are stupid!

Workouts and eating going strong! My waist is getting smaller YIPPEE! My hips aren't though grrr....

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Was there ever any doubt? 90 minutes nonstop except for a 40 second pee break. I don't think i'll be able to walk tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catch me if you can

Tomorrow I have 90 minutes of cardio! Let me rephrase that, 150 minutes of cardio!!! Heck yeah i'll be doing every minute of it too! I won't be worn out from work this week so no excuses!!

Today I had an extra long meeting and of course they ordered Qdoba. I don't need to tell you that I ate my salad with chicken. Why do I not need to tell you? Why not? I will not think twice about crappy food again. I just won't have any! So while everyone was eating their mexican food and cookies I was enjoying my salad and not feeling guilty. This kind of eating is just second nature. I'm telling you this after I ate an equivelant of what was probably 10 protein bars at the expo HA! So if I want to look like the picture below I need to eat like I did to get there.

I know I had to experience the "growth" although I did not like it. Looking back at the menu Tony had me on after my show I was thinking how did I not get any fatter? Tons of food and little cardio? Just goes to show he knows what he's doing.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Good Times!

I had a blast this weekend! Angela was so much fun and as cute as I imagined! It was great to see her and Tina in real life. Tina was soooo tiny I can't believe her transformation in the last 4 monts! Her hubby was very nice and had amazing eyes too ;) hee hee!

Here are a few pics from the event. I look like a fat bloated cow but it's TOM so I will use that excuse. I missed Beka, Stef and Sundie :( Tina gave me Sundie's number but once we got to the expo we were like a fat kid in a chocolate store. We met Monica and Jamie first thing and were in awe. Alicia Marie was so tall and tiny and a spark of energy and she was awesome! All the figure girls had great attitudes and I was impressed. Oh and the most amazing person I met was Tracy Jefferies! She is as sweet as I expected.

Tiny Tina, Adorable Angela and myself

Angela, Jamie and I

This was better than meeting NKOTB!


So sweet!

I have more pictures I may post later. For now all I can say it I will for sure be there again next year 10 lbs lighter and with a tan HA! Still flat chested though ;)