Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Half day

Whew! Half day off work today! It's so nice out too. I just got done taking Boomer to Squirrel Park for a great walk.

I have 4 1/2 weeks left to get stage ready WOO! I know i've made some changes in just the past 3 days and i'm super excited about that! This diet Tony has me on rocks....oh and then there is all the cardio too ;)

This is my low carb day though and i'm HUNGRY! I'm drinking tea like crazy trying not to think about it. I missed a call from Tony :( He'll call back, he always does.

My energy has been good although my legs are SORE!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Posing and Batting

I can't say that I really learned much but I had fun. Man, Jenn is VERY short! Keep in mind that i'm 5'3. The other girls are all doing an NPC show 1 week after my OCB show. You know the old song "which of these things belong together...." My legs, abs and small waist belonged but man those girl really have the muscle going on! The chick right next to me just had a baby 7 months ago! The other 2 this is going to be there first show. I don't have to tell you all how pictures don't do justice what you look like in person because the tall girl on the end still has 6 weeks and she could have stepped on stage that day. After yesterday I realized I REALLY need to gain some real muscle. I thought I was but now that i'm losing again I think i'm going to be a twig with a butt again. Hey, that got me 2 swords last year ;) By the way Jenn told us to either wear 2 pieces or short shorts and a sports bra. It was kind of funny because we all look alike LOL!

I can actually hit a softball! It was so much fun too! I thought I would be sore but i'm not. I'm sore from the dang deadlifts I did Friday and for sticking my butt out posing but other than that i'm alright. You know you're old when you put on the hard hat just so you look like an idiot :)

Today I have tons of energy and i'm feeling great!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quick post

I'm 5 weeks out today YIKES! I lost 4 lbs this week YAY! Low carb day Boo! Energy low again UGH!

I'll post pics and stuff tomorrow :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

How i'm feeling today

This morning I woke up tired as heck. I tossed and turned all night and don't know if I slept at all. I think this is because Mike isn't here. I know Boomer will protect me though, she has before.

I get on the treadmill and my legs are KILLING me! Not like in the shin splint hardly able to walk way though. I do my 45 min walk run. Like Martha I feel like getting off every 10 mins but I succeed! I actually yelled out "I did it!" It felt great too.

At worked I could have laid my head down and took a nap all day. My energy was zapped. I went to Chili's at lunch with Chris a co-worker of mine and watched him eat chips and salsa. He has lost A LOT of weight over the past year though so he deserves a treat every now and then. I drank iced tea. I get back to work and eat my lunch. I must mention i'm feeling thin at this point. Here comes the yam. I don't know what it is about a yam but dang afterwards I feel weird. I love them though! Time comes around for my 4th meal and i'm just not hungry but I eat it anyway. I'm sitting here right now trying to get my Met-rx shake down. My favorite thing EVER and i'm not even wanting it. I might add that this has partially hydrogenated coconut oil and corn syrup solids in it, no wonder it tastes so good.

All this but i'm feeling thin! Tomorrow is weigh in and pictures so i'm sure that will change.

Just took my camera out of the drawer so I remember it for posing class YIPPEE!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Better Spirits :)

While I was typing my last blog I almost thougt about deleting it. I was in such a bad mood and really wasn't into it that day. Then I thought this is what EVERYONE goes through. Last time I think I made it seem to easy. It's NOT! There were times i'd cry when Tony would tell me more cardio. This time around i'll admit it's much easier and I think it's because I know what to expect. As Visionquester said "This to shall pass" and it has.

With all that said i'm working my tail off the next 6 weeks! I HAVE to! I'm about 10 lbs heavier than I was last time around at 6 weeks out. Of course I probably gained 10 on the cruise ;) I would like to believe it's all muscle! Think positively LOL! Fake it till ya make it!

This weekend I have a posing class with Jennifer Gates WOO! She told me to wear a bikini or a sports bra with short shorts! OMG! I'm NOT wearing my bikini especially in front of her, and I don't own any short shorts that fit me right now anyway YIKES!! It will be a blast though :) I remember classes last year were awesome!

I'm off half a day today and Boomer and I just got back from Squirrel Park. I did 45mins of cardio this morning and I have a chest workout and another 45 left to go! I thought of taking a nap but i'm not tired darnit! I don't want to do my workouts yet because I like to stay on my schedule.

My friend Louisa and I are going to the batting cages this weekend...this will be interesting. If there only one person in the world least athletic than me it's her LOL!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


The weekend is almost over :( It's warm here but the sun's not out POO! I've burned over 7000 cals in workouts this week. I'm freaking wore out! I drank some coffee this afternoon and then took a nap. I also weighed myself and shouldn't have. It made my day crap until I took my dog out for a walk and cleared my mind. I look so much better than I did last year at this weight. Yesterday was my high carb day so i'm gonna weigh in the morning since today is my lower one and see if that helps? Why does this have to be so mentally challenging? Why can't I just be happy with myself? BECAUSE I HAVE TO FIT IN THAT SMALL BLUE SUIT AGAIN IN 6 WEEKS!!!!! I was feeling like i'm looking less bloated and i'm starting to see my abs again so that's good I think???

Mike is leaving for Seattle on Wednesday and he'll be gone for a week :( I'll miss that guy. It'll make working out easier though because I won't feel like i'm ignoring him like I usually do. He totally understands though which is good.

Okay can you tell it's low carb day? I'm in a gloomy mood today huh? I need to call Tony I think.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I feel the earth move.....

under my feet! Seriously, keep in mind I live in Indiana. After I got off the treadmill and took at shower I was naked standing in front of the sink plucking some stray eyebrows when the sink started shaking. For a second I thought it was just me shaking the thing. Then Boomer runs in the bathroom whining, she had been acting weird while I was on the treadmill too. I walk out of the bathroom and realize the whole house is shaking! I ran to the bedroom and opened the door where Mike was sleeping. He was opening the door at the same time. "What did you do?" he asked LOL! He thought I had fallen off the treadmill or dropped some weights. WTF??? I thought the house was going to blow up. I ran downstairs to let Boomer out LOL! Ran up stairs to die with Mike. I know, but it's my low carb day and I had just ran 4 miles.

I know you people in Cali probably think that us midwestern folk are just a bunch of rednecks and are making a big deal out of nothing since you're use to earthquakes LOL! I'll send some tornadoes your way!!

I'm starving right now...a feeling I must get use to again. I'm not really starving, i've given my body nutrients all day. So I didn't get the bagels that everyone else enjoyed :( That's alright I don't have the muffin tops either(that bad anyway).

I can't wait to hear the results of Lori aka Sweet Emotions contest WOO!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Posted some pics

Okay I put a few pics up so you guys would quit whining ;) There to the right under photos.

Almost time for the poscast WOO!

Check this pic out YEESH!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm back :)

Wow what an awesome vacation we had. Now it's back to reality :(

The weather was great and it was very relaxing. I worked out and then some everyday but I was probably eating more than 5000 cals a day! At least it seemed like it. I called Tony when I got back and told him I ate like crap. I figured he would be disappointed but he said that's what vacations are for :) He said are you ready for the next 7 weeks? I said heck yeah! Bring it on! He then e-mailed some new meals plans and added an additional 45 minutes of cardio to my day hee hee! You gotta love him!

Once I get all my pics loaded i'll post them in the photos section. We didn't take as many this year because 1. it was just us and no friends or family and 2. We had been on this ship before and the only port we hadn't been to was Jamaica and we just got off to get our magnet and then got back on :)

Now I need to go and drink my post workout shake, then eat and then get back on the treadmill WOOHOO!

Friday, April 4, 2008


I'm going to be super busy today. First i'm going to Kohl's probably to buy stuff i'll never wear. Then i'm getting a much needed pedicure. I still need to pack and then I have 2 workouts to finish. It's back and then bi's/tris plus abs. I'll just combine them all and do extra walk/runs at the end.

I can't wait until tomorrow! We have to be at the airport at 5a. That's fine for me you know i'll be up. Stupid Aunt Flo is coming along to I think. She's still on her way. I don't care though because something about tropical music and sun really makes me happy and not think about her.

I will be staying active on the cruise so i'll be alright and not gaining too much weight. Angela assured me that anything I gain i'll lose within the week that I get back. I'm not going to think about the fact that I need to weigh 110 in 8 weeks. If it happens it happens if not??? I'll just be nice and trim for my Florida vacation May 31st :)

Well Bon Voyage!!!!