Thursday, July 31, 2008


So i'm the big 33 today. I'll be the first one to admit I was a spoiled rotten little brat and got everything I wanted when I was little. Being hit by a car helped somewhat i'm sure? Anyway, this has been a GREAT b-day so far and my party isn't until Sunday! That's when i'll get my ice cream cake :)

Today at work I got to my desk and found it decorated with streamers, a box of See's candie, box of See's caramel lollipops and cards. Check this card out.

It says we "pitched in" for your b-day LOL! They no I never participate in those things :) Not that I don't want to but you know ;) Then the box of See's candy was empty with a piece of gum, inside the lollipop box were the empty wrappers LOL! It was great!!

I got $50 from my in laws too :) Lots of text messages and e-mails! It was a great day!

My husband who bought my pullup/ab tower for my birthday a few weeks ago picked me up for work and took me to get my hair trimmed. He had a nicely wrapper present waiting for me and in it was a cute dress and a nike outfit! I love that man :)

Oh and I forgot one little thing, I ordered a new car last night! It's just like mine only newer :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grow Dang You!

That's me talking to my shoulders. I hit them hard tonight! I can't compete with Stacey and Tina with little shoulders!

I don't like cherries and I don't like chocolate covered fruit however....dark chocolate cherry coffee is the bomb!!!

I'm still eating a ton of carbs and only doing an hour of extra cardio hmmmm....I hope my body responds once I drop the carbs and do tons of cardio. I'm suppose to weigh and send pics to Tony soon. I hope I see a difference. I'm feeling leaner and looking better but he always puts the smack down. Okay, I know my butt is big and stores the fat!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh Yum!

Okay i'm in Heaven!

I've got some obstacles coming my way next week. I'll get through....

Got the coffee at this store Harry and David.

I paid $15.95 for the sampler, much cheaper :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

She's Here!!!

So this is actually my sister's 3rd car this year. After hers was flooded ('04 Corolla) she ordered a new one. She was doubtful at first because she really loved "Carol". So her new one had arrived and was sitting in Ohio by the Ohio River. I'm not kidding when I say they called to tell her sorry the river flooded and her new car was washed away! My sister is very laid back and totally opposite of me. I would have broke down and ate cake or something. Well they found another one in California and it arrived yesterday! She drove it over here and of course now i'm going to get a new Matrix so we sort of have matching cars :) I was waiting for the new Toyota Venza to come out but I don't think I can wait. I really love my Matrix and want a new one! They have one touch sunroofs now...upgrade HA!

I'm so excited about competing in November now! I guess I really should focus first on my September show! 7 weeks out this weekend! My body is finally functioning properly so I think the fat will melt off this time around without killing myself. I'm eating a container of oatmeal a week...not joking. Stacey you better lay off the bacon now ;)

Is there a Sex and the City girl that wears an ugly uniform, talks about poop, and wears her hair in a ponytail all the time? That would be me LOL!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

121 Days

Apparently i'm doing another comp! I'm super excited though! This gives me an excuse to keep the fluff off!!

Twist my arm

I just told my husband and he said that's to far away. Did I mention I wear the pants in the family? I'm SO THERE!!!

Okay, now i'm expressing how excited I am about doing this show. I told Mike that he doesn't have to go because i'll have friends there. Well now he's excited too and says that Stacey and Tina can come over for a naked slumber party LOL! Doesn't he know we'll all be tanned up, stinky, and instead of pizza we'll be eating dryazz chicken :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun With the Family!

I had a great time with my family at the wedding Friday. I got to meet my cousin's baby for the first time and he was a BIG boy LOL! He looks exactly like my cousin did when he was little. Ryan(cousin) was my baby when he was 10 so to see Cameron(son) brought back so many memories :)

On the ride up my grandma kept telling the same stories over and over LOL! My aunt just told me that someday we'll miss these stories so we just listened.

So i'm 8 weeks out now. I'm still only doing 1 extra hour of cardio and eating tons of carbs. Tony assures me this is best right now :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Road Trip!

Tomorrow i'm driving to Toledo Ohio with my grandma, grandpa, aunt and uncle for one of my cousin's weddings. This will be interesting. At least it will be something to remember when my grandparents are gone. I love my family!

Of course i'll be taking plenty of water and foods with me :) I'm not sure what they'll have at the wedding but if it's not authorized i'll be eating tuna and green beans!

Here is a pic of the jacket that was sent to me. The girl who sent it to me is a fellow Dreambodies Diva and i'm not sure where or how she got it done.

This is not me in the pic but I don't think the model would mind if I posted it ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Official

Tony is trying to KILL me!! :) I love it though!

I'm going strong and eating clean and getting my extra carido in. Since i'm eating pretty high carbs for my body type right now i'm excited to see what happens to my body when and if they get cut out. I'm really happy that my body is using these carbs right now instead of storing them as fat. Of course I hate the fat on my hips but really I did look like this:

When I get the "i'm fat" feelings i'll just look at this. My body is going to go through ups and even downs but I will NEVER look like that again!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here are the pics! I actually went ahead and took them yesterday. Tony said he can tell i'm losing from my butt faster this time WOO! I just need to keep on plan and keep eating clean...no more nuts ;)

Mike and I took Boomer for a walk in Squirrel Park this morning. It was so nice out but man I got hot! Now i'm cooking food for the week :)

I still need to take pics in my Dreambodies tank, Iron Angel clothes, and now my awesome Dreambodies Diva jacket that my buddy Cori sent me! In time....:)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

After all the excitement of finally being regular i'm backed up this morning :( I'm going to wait until tomorrow to take pics. I'm not sure if waiting will help my body any but I feel bloated so I will. I weighed 119.6 this morning. I got the below from some blog I read....this made me feel better. BTW 3 new flavors of coffee from Target this morning: tiramisu, cinnamon vanilla nut and breakfast blend!!

What does bodyweight tell you? It tells you what you WEIGH!! Who knows what you weigh? You. Who cares what you weigh? No one else.

What are your goals when it comes to training and nutrition? In most cases, at some point, it will be fat loss … or is it just weight loss? Do you care where your weight loss comes from? Or is the only thing that matters is seeing a lower number on the scale. What if you looked the same? Just a smaller version of your current self? Would that matter?

Ok, so I’ll assume and answer for you - you care about FAT loss, not weight loss.

I mean, if you didn’t care where it came from, then you’re perfectly fine with your weight loss coming from a combination of fat AND muscle right? It’s all good as long as that stupid scale comes down right?

Come on.

What does the scale tell you?

I’m waiting …

Yes, the answer is that easy.

It tells you what you WEIGH!!!

It doesn’t tell you anything about what the composition of that weight is. It says nothing about bodyfat, muscle mass, fat, or anything else. It tells you what you weigh.

Why is it such an important number to you?

Other people don’t know what you weigh; they see what you look like. What are people’s perception of what you look like based on? The composition of your bodyweight - muscle, fat, bodyfat, etc and NOT the number on the scale. People know if you’re in shape or out of shape, if you look good or don’t look good based on well, what you look like … obviously. Not based on the tshirt you have to wear every day that gives a daily update of your bodyweight.

Let’s say you dropped 5 lbs of fat. That’s good.

Let’s say, you happened to gain 5 lbs of muscle. That’s really good.

Uh oh, problem. It would appear to me that if the above were true, you’d register no change on the scale. You weigh the same.

You’re a failure.

Or are you?

That might not register as weight loss on the scale, but that represents a 10lb change in the look of your body. Is that not why you’re training? To LOOK better?

Your waist is smaller, your hips are smaller, your legs are smaller, your clothes fit better, friends and family are commenting on your ‘weight loss’ and asking you what you’re doing … and yet? Your weight hasn’t changed much.

Failure. You realize because of the stupid number your scale spits out … that you’ve made no progress.

Come on!

Is this resonating yet?

Of course you’ve made progress. Plenty of it.

If your measurements have come down, you’re smaller.
If you’re smaller, you’re losing fat.
Fat is weight.
If you’re losing fat you’re losing weight (that is associated with the lost fat)

If the scale says you’re not losing weight in light of the above, well something’s happening.

Something is being added to your body to counterbalance the loss of fat weight.

Guess what? This isn’t a bad thing.

Chances are you’re in the SWEET SPOT of simultaneous fat loss … and muscle gain, which is not easy to do, so if you’re there, be happy and enjoy it!

So the addition of muscle (weight) is counterbalancing the loss of fat (weight).

Is this not a great thing?

What improves how your body looks? Fat loss and muscle gains. NOT just weight loss for the sake of seeing a smaller number on the scale.

Now, get over the scale already, and start paying attention to the signs that your body is improving - measurements, skin fold readings (maybe), how your clothes fit, comments from others, etc.

Got it? Good.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pics this weekend :)

Talked with Tony today and he wants pictures this weekend. This is when i'm thinking why did I eat those nuts yesterday? Well I have 2 more days to drink plenty of water and eat clean clean clean and see what happens.

I've been taking the Fibersure 3x's a day. I'm gonna cut it down to 2 and see if that helps. That stuff has 6g of carbs per tbsp! I guess i'll have to cut it out eventually too :)

I've been doing lots of butt exercises. Okay so I was doing them but now my butt is sore! I say out loud squeeze the butt with every rep. Well Mike caught on and feels it is okay now to squeeze my butt for me whenever he walks by LOL! I have to pretend like i'm mad about you know ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Peanuts that is! I couldn't stop eating them today! I'm not sure why either? I'm not starving and my diet has a ton of food on it(right now). It's like I start to lose weight so I think, some peanuts won't hurt. When I first started losing I would have NEVER touched anything that was not on the paper Tony gives me! Dang nuts! Okay so I will be better now because I only have 9.5 weeks to go! I really need to weigh myself to get a reality check. The only thing is when I wake up i've been feeling bloated lately. It may be from the Fibersure but that stuff is working like a charm so I don't mind. So maybe I won't take it Friday night and then weigh myself Saturday just to see where I stand. I'm just glad I can see my abs again woo! My hips and thighs will come with time :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Best Compliment EVER!!!!

One of my husbands friends wife got out of the car and actually said Oh dang I don't want to be in a bathing suit next to you all weekend!!! I looked behind me, noone was there, to the left, the right, hot damn she's talking about ME! It made me feel great and made eating a salad worth it while everyone else was eating burritos and nachos mmmmm......I did have some trail mix though. I'm not gonna lie and say I was 100% like I was last year. Oh and 1 beer, hey look at that lamp!

We had such a great time and i'm now burnt a little. Hey it comes with the hair coloring.

I had afterburns on my bi/tri workout today. I had to dust off the 5lbers. I felt like such a wuss HA!

At Target this morning I found coconut macroon coffee OMG it is so YUMMY!!!!!

It must have been a little windy :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yep, that came out of Tony's mouth. This weekend I can have fruit WOO! I will be going to the lake cottage and packing all my foods. I will be taking cans of chicken, tuna, green beans and protein powder. Luckily there is a Bob Evan's not too far so i'll just dump the powder in my oats I get from there and call it breakfast :) This is the same place I

lost it
last year...oh boy...I plan on being strong this time. I mean I was strong last time and didn't give in but I was also in tears.

Workouts have been great and i'm doing an hour in the mornings also. I hope my body is starting to work again. It was just stuck for awhile.

Since i'll be 10 weeks out it's probably not a good time for cocktails huh? I'm trying to get that through my mind :)