Saturday, August 2, 2008

6 weeks out!

I weighed in at 117.2 this morning Woo! I am still eating tons of carbs and only doing 1 hour extra cardio. It's like now my body is starting to respond FINALLY!

I also sold my car yesterday! Mine should be in Monday or Tuesday YIPPEE! I'll miss my car though :(


Health Girl said...

You are looking fabulous!! I can't wait to see you at comp time!

Yay for carbs. :D

Danielle said...

you are looking great!!!!!!!!!! your body is obviously agreeing with whatever you are doing and it sounds like you feel good about it too! And happy belated birthday, i'm obviously a few days behind!

Colette said...

You look wonderful!!
This just proves what I've been learning in my classes...our bodies NEED carbs to grow muscle and work properly, plus you don't need to kill yourself with loads of cardio ;)

Keep up the great work, April!

Stef said...

Hey Girl! Lookin' good!!!

Question....when you say "extra cardio", does that mean cardio in addition to your regular cardio? Or is that just the cardio for that day and no other? I am confused when you girls talk about "extra cardio".


C2 said...

Looking good Sweets! xoxo

Kelly Olexa said...

Looking AWESOME ALREADY!!! Keep it up girl!


Bernee said...

Looking good. I just took pics and sent them to Tony this weekend. I just started 1 hour cardio as well. I will see how that goes.

Take care, train hard and eat clean!

Sunnie said...

It looks like it is responding very well. I see abs bigtime!

Anonymous said...

Lookin lean and mean girlie whoohoo!

EM :) said...

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


I envy you....totally.....those are some killing abs...hey....look at your thighs...you gained lot of muscle mass there...you didnt have them like that at your last comp!!!!!!!!

Im sooo excited for you


Ruby said...

April you look great!
I knew eating the carbs would help.
I think your body was feeling deprived before but it is all happy now!!

Visionquester said...

Great shape for Figure! Nice tiny waist...may I borrow?


No Name said...

awww - look how tiny you are!!!! I too love your teeny-tiny waist! AND Stop talking crap on tracker about how fatazz you are or I put a big ole' fat smack on you! LOL You are PHAT not Fat! ;)

Cannot wait to see you on stage, girlie!