Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So yesterday I did an all liquid diet. I DID get an apple though WOO! Tony called me and told me to have 1 TBSP of PB with my apple. I told him that is not a good idea. He said why not? So I explained that I do not keep PB in my house because I can't control myself AT ALL. So instead I took half a scoop of whey and made a fondue and dipped my apple in it LOL! I feel good though because I just know the PB would have been a BAD idea. I wasn't hungry at all yesterday either which was great!

I feel great today! I had my chest workout and I saw a vein! It's not hard considering I hardly have any fat there ;) I also am seeing my abs veins again. I'm getting super pumped up now! I'm no pro and never plan on it but i'm feeling great again :) My hips are still fat but they'll go eventually. This weekend i'm gonna cut stuff out like splenda, mustard, crystal light shhh....and maybe tomatoes?? It's the little things that really help. Remember this is for a contest and I don't recommend this for a person with a life HA! I'm skipping out going to the Lake this weekend because of my show for obvious reasons. As mentioned if you like having a life than competing is not for you. Or if you are freak of nature like Visionquester and still able to eat good things every now and again than good for you. Or if you have an iron man will power than have at it. For me i'm locking the doors for the next 2 weeks! Of course 2 weeks ago you could have sat a chocolate cake in front of me and I would have been fine. It's weird how you tastes change so much.

Tony also reminded me today about how well my body responds to the dry out....let's hope it happens this time too!!!

Okay time to get back on the treadmill!!!


Stef said...

Wow - 2 weeks! It is coming fast!!!!

I am with ya on the PB thing!


Sherry said...

I just three days on liquids. Not fun, but I survived! Guess Tony knew I would.

No Name said...

You are NUTS!!! LOL Did you notice you end every post that you need to get on the treaddy?... I think you are becoming addictive to it, like to PB! hehe ;) Honestly though, I too would refuse a PB - No way - I would be friggin' craving it all day long and would wind up either having my way with the whole jar or tossing it out! :)

Rock on, sista! You are SO close! Really look forward to seeing you on stage!

GClef1970 said...

So funny that you mentioned PB. That was my satan today. It lost. :-)

Britishlady said...

mmmmn, peanut butter (I'm drooling!). I love peanut butter as much as you girlie..in fact I put 1 tablespoon in my chocolate/caramel flavored whey shake once a day-it's like I'm literally drinking a snickers bar! I think I may have to cut it out next week though-see how my body responds to a week without that added PB-it's gonna be hard, but I bet I'll have a huge drop that week.
Thank you for your comments about my progress...I'm just starting to realize that the results are actually coming!
By the way...you're going to ROCK your comp, and I'll be rooting for you!

rockstarmom said...

PB is the devil but a very tasty one at that! I cannot WAIT to see your pics..you are an inspiration!!! I also have to lock myself inside if I need to stay straight for 2 weeks - someday I'll get that will power but UGH I'd rather just not be around it!!

C2 said...

I guess I am one of the fortunate ones who doesn't have a sweet tooth and can't stand PB! Yeah me... however, we can't have PB in the house because of my hubby! :) He would eat the whole jar if we did.

~ Elizabeth

Angela said...

Im on the liquid now...i didnt get PB! The only PB i have in the house is the natural (which i dont like) and the PB2 (which i do)...but i haven't touched it...well just to make Adam his shakes....

I cant believe its two weeks away!! Im so excited for you! I wish i could be there to cheer you on...but then i wouldn't be able to celebrate properly with you! LOL! I would just have to sit there and drool!!! And that is no fun!

Anonymous said...

lmao we all have peanut butter on the brain~too funny!
2 weeks away whoohoo! Gah I hate liquid days.

Tiffanie Hage said...

Girl..you are so hardcore! you can do it!!!! I'm always impressed with your stick to it attitude! Nothings going to stop YOU!

EM :) said...

Liquid diet, count me OUT!!!!!!!
I'm glad you did well on it!
Girlie, you are soooooo close.
I love it, LOCK THE DOORS, don't let April out, she's focused, nothing stopping her..........!!!!

Health Girl said...

Liquid diet? Like what kinds of liquid? lol

Yay on the PB pass up. I would have a hard time resisting more than a little, too. I do throw a TBSP in my chocolate shake from time to time, but not too often. You know what is really awesome??? PEANUT BUTTER EXTRACT. That's right! They make PB extract. :D I have a link if you want it. lol
I am so excited for you!! I can't wait to see how you rock it out on stage! Oh- and what is this drying up you are talking about. Newb over here. LOL

Anonymous said...

April, you are a CHAMPION!!! Go, April, go April! Yup, I'd have to be on lockdown too. :)

B said...

keep it up girl!I can't believe how fast this comp has come. and you have have an issue with PB I have a huge one with nutella- huge problem!! lol