Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hey all! I'm still going...bareley. The workouts are getting tougher. My energy is up one day and down the next. No matter what though i'm pushing through! My body should be burning fat like a machine right now! We're almost 3 weeks out and i'm getting super excited!! This is gonna be so much fun! I gotta keep in mind that although it's gonna be fun i'm there for a purpose...to meet Stacey and have a blast with Angela and Tina! LOL! What did you think I was there for?

I think I need to be hooked up to a glutamine IV...that would make this much better. I hate taking that nasty crap! No matter what I put it in I swear I can taste it.

I'm seriously getting sick of cheese?? Did I just say that HA!

We've all got goals and dreams and a vision in our mind of what we want to look like. So I finally found one...compliments of Jodi ;)

Now I know I need to be the best APRIL I can be...Angela already told me that and Jodi's post over there tells her story BUT this is my vision. When I see my dreambody this is what I see. Although I have a huge scar and my left shoulder is a little out of alignment :) Oh yes, and I don't have fake hooters...or any for that matter. So there, this is my vison. I've got the abs thing in the bag, just need to get a bit leaner. My hips will eventually go away someday. I'm remolding my body day by day, month by month and I can't wait to see where I go!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Still Kickin'

Whew, i'm exhausted today. I've been without carbs since Wednesday. This is the first day that i'm actually feeling it. I think it's because Jodi and I were out late Saturday/Sunday and I didn't get much sleep. I'm not blaming the no carb because truth is I feel better on this diet. Trust me, Tony knows what he is doing and i'm getting plenty of proteins and fats. I LOVE CHEESE :D

I had a ROCKIN shoulder workout today. Man it was awesome! I had veins poppin out everywhere except for the bicep of course *sigh* I know it's coming! I had a vein that started at the bottom of (what would be a boob) and went straight down my waist...Gosh it was great! Tomorrow is chest YIPPEE!

I need to take some pictures but my camera blows. I guess I need a new camera too.

My husband bought a Harley today. It's nice, he got a backrest on it so that I would be more comfortable. I guess this means i'll have to ride with him more often. No more crotch rockets thank goodness!

I also wanted to say how gorgeous Tracy was in person this weekend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hardcore I'm Telling Ya!

Oh man, i'm loving this diet. Tony talked to me in all seriousness and told me he was waiting....waiting to give me this diet because it's rough. Can I just say that I get cheese on this diet! I haven't had cheese since who knows when. Cheese is fat, that's my fat girl mentality there. So i'm LOVING cheese right now! He told me if I can handle it tomorrow cut the salad and eat more cheese HA! I feel like i'm totally cheating but see ya salad!

My back workout went well today. I think my hips are finally smaller and it makes my shoulders look broader. I still need some shoulder muscle. I never really thought I would get any but now I KNOW I will. The changes i'm seeing right now keep me going and I can't wait to see more!

Tomorrow i'm headed off to the Monster Mash with Jodi! We're going to see Tracy and Stef will be there also. That's if we don't get lost going there, there's no easy way.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's New?


I'm also on a new diet! It's HARDCORE but it's totally gonna be worth it! Notice I didn't post a back picture in my new suit...there's a reason for that. Those of you who have followed my blog know that the first place I gain weight is in my bootay. I know 5 lbs doesn't seem like much but when you're 5'3 and gain it all in the same place it is :) After 2 days on this diet I feel so much better it's weird.

I think there are gonna be some big things headed my way for next year and i'm super excited to see how it all plays out! I may actually meet 2 of the goals i've had for myself but never really wrote down for fear of never reaching them. So to keep in April style if they do come true i'll let you know ;)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

TTC(NOT trying to conceive! Thanks Eileen ;)

No, not IBTC, although I am a member of that too. I've been chose to be part of Team Tight Curves! What's in it for me and the other ladies chosen?

A webpage on our website with links to their website if they wish
• A photoshoot with Terry Goodlad
• Clothing
• Supplements
• Compensation for promotional programs that they will be asked to be involved with.

I couldn't believe when I got the email. I sent some cheesy pics back in July and totally didn't expect this. I checked out the board and all these fitness models are on there and it's like I don't belong. When I told Tony about this of course he scolded me for talking like that. The best part is maybe i'll be able to meet up with Em someday because she was chosen too! WOOHOO!

I got my 1 piece in the mail yesterday :) I LOVE the color although it is SUPER small right now. I know it'll fit in 4.5 weeks YIKES!

Here is a preview before it fits good, not blinged out and no tanner.

So i'm suppose to be getting a new diet today. I hope so because I need to start losing again! I've been at 113 FOREVER! Bonus is i'm not doing doubles....yet.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Guns and Poses

I had a great time posing with Tracy and Julie this weekend. DANG! Julie arms are VERY nice. She was so sweet and helpful too. I felt like a part of her team. Of course Tracy was great and we're gonna meet again when we can eat chocolate together LOL!

I feel like my pretty pose and side poses are much better now. Of course being on stage might change all of that :)

I ordered a new 1 piece. Amy mailed it out for me on Friday WOO! I love it and can't wait to see it in person!

My weight has stalled. I've been at 113 FOREVER! Tony is SUPPOSE to get me a new diet...come on man i'm 5 weeks out with only an hour of cardio! I don't want to be doing 2 hours + just because I didn't get a new diet. Yesterday I fell off the wagon and had a salad with dried cranberries, walnuts, and brie cheese on it YIKES! This is what happens on my own.

Not having a microwave blows!

I have something else I need to blog about....it's coming.....stay tuned.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dont Know What You Got...Til It's Gone :(

I never realized how much I use my microwave until it crapped out on me yesterday. Mike and I got another one on order. They stopped making Almond color and now it's called bisque. Of course that makes me think of biscuits...mmm...biscuits.

My weight is at 113.8 right now which by my standards is awesome but Tony wants 111 ;) I was 113.8 at 1 week out last time. My personal goal is 105, i'll get there. I'm already seeing ab veins and a butt indention WOO! I ordered a new 1 piece and i'll post a pic of it later.

Tracy....2 more days YIPPEE! I bought some fake spray on tanner so I don't look invisible ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pete and Repeat.....

Okay, my weight is going down and i'm going to keep this trend. I was at 113.6 so once again i'm going to say that I WILL be 112 this weekend! I have to look decent in front of Julie Lohre OMG!

I'm getting a new diet at the end of the week and i'm so excited to see what's on it! Will it be fish, chicken , turkey or turkey, chicken, fish?? LOL! Angela gets cucumbers right now....NOT FAIR! That's okay though because i'm still enjoying my Metrx shakes until I get it ;)

This comp is going to be so much fun! I told Angela just to focus on remembering her suit and heels because anything else left behind I will have! I'm going to bring our stock of dry azz chicken for our roadtrip that Friday. Not too many bathroom stops since we won't be guzzling water. No snacks for the road...now that sounds like a fun road trip!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


I forgot to mention that next weekend Oct 18th I will be traveling to Cincinnati to me Tracy for posing with Julie Lohre! Julie has always been my idol and whenever I see her or am up close words just will not come out of my mouth. I know that sounds chidish but it's true. She is Tracy's trainer so I may feel more comfortable around? Only time will tell LOL!

40 more days!!! Rock on!(as Paula would say)

I've been eating clean and having great workouts. I can't wait to see my body transform more. Of course since I didn't go overboard and gain 20 lbs this time it won't be as dramatic...thank goodness!

Has anyone tried the marshmellow mocha creamer? OMG it is awesome! No more though ;)

My husband runs 4 miles to this fire station and he just did his best time of 24.59. He told me he bets I can't do it in under 50. I may try today to see if I can? I really hate jogging and running for long periods of time though so we'll see :) Right now i'm waiting for it to get a little lighter outside and it's off to burn some fat!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time for Target!

Well this week has FLOWN by! I've been super busy at work....don't want to think about that. The weekend is here and I feel much more relaxed. I'll be walking through the aisles of Target in 20 mins.

I think i'm fighting off a sickness. Everyone at work has it. My body was hurting, nose running, and eyes were burning and that's all of their symptoms as well. Luckily I take my super potion of ACV/LJ so I think i'm over it now! Did I slack on workouts or eat something bad?? HELL NO! I'm not giving in to that excuse. If there is one excuse I hate more than anything, it's the one where someone thinks that because they're sick they can just forget it all. So today i'm gonna ROCK my triceps workout and get in a great cardio session with my dog.

I sent Tony and SOS email yesterday because my incline is broke on my treadmill. Sear's won't be here until Oct 20th to fix it. So I guess i'll just climb stairs. I still don't have a new diet yet. We all know that by now I know how to eat. Then my husband reminded me that is why I pay Tony...so I think i'll have a cheat meal tonight! My mind wouldn't let me do that though but it sounded rebellious!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fun With the Fam!

Howdy peeps! I'm still trucking along :) Yesterday we went hiking in Brown County State Park and it was great. I love the smell of leaves and fresh air aaahhhh...I didn't make my goal of 112 though so I didn't have PB&J like I wanted *sigh* LOL! Instead I have a grilled chicken salad but it DID have walnuts and brie cheese ;) I really need to clean up my diet...what diet? TONY I NEED A NEW DIET!

I loaded some more pics in my photos over there :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

50 days baby!

Woohoo! 50 more days and i'm gonna have the time of my life!!....besides marriage :) Just in case the hubs reads this someday. I'm so excited about this next show! I've done a good job at maintaining my weight and that makes me happy, happy, happy! This week my weight has been flucuating due to not pooping for a few days. It hasn't gotten over 115 though which means i'm not over 10 lbs post comp weight! Am I comparing again??? YES! It keeps me sane. I know it's not good but for me it must be done. I know prepping for a show shouldn't have to be grueling so i'm not going to make it be. I don't have TONS of weight to lose this time and that's a relief. I would rather skip out on goodies than do 2 hours of treadmill that's for sure.

It seems each show has gotten easier to handle. There is less anxiety. The first I followed everything to the T! The second time around I tried, I had just got back from that cruise and dang I ate WAY too much. The third time I was fluffier but not too bad. I really cleaned it up at 7 weeks out and the weight dropped. Then at 4 weeks out the double cardios really helped. Which leaves me here. I'm 113 and I KNOW I can drop 8 lbs in 2 weeks now...not that I want too ;) Again you can tell me I shouldn't think like this but my brain is always running, figuring the numbers on the scale which don't mean a thing. I've gotten over an ED and this is still my way of controlling myself. At least i'm eating now :)

We have a Kohl's right down the road from where I work now. This is NOT a good situation for me. It just opened yesterday and I was there then and today HA! I NEED new undies though and all my sweaters are too big so I bought some of those too. Not to mention all my pants are HUGE! This is MY time though and I like being small and I WILL NOT GET OVER 120 again!!! Goal is 115 but dangit i'm eating good during the holidays ;)