Monday, October 27, 2008

Still Kickin'

Whew, i'm exhausted today. I've been without carbs since Wednesday. This is the first day that i'm actually feeling it. I think it's because Jodi and I were out late Saturday/Sunday and I didn't get much sleep. I'm not blaming the no carb because truth is I feel better on this diet. Trust me, Tony knows what he is doing and i'm getting plenty of proteins and fats. I LOVE CHEESE :D

I had a ROCKIN shoulder workout today. Man it was awesome! I had veins poppin out everywhere except for the bicep of course *sigh* I know it's coming! I had a vein that started at the bottom of (what would be a boob) and went straight down my waist...Gosh it was great! Tomorrow is chest YIPPEE!

I need to take some pictures but my camera blows. I guess I need a new camera too.

My husband bought a Harley today. It's nice, he got a backrest on it so that I would be more comfortable. I guess this means i'll have to ride with him more often. No more crotch rockets thank goodness!

I also wanted to say how gorgeous Tracy was in person this weekend!


Tracy said...

Thanks girl! It made it so much more fun with you & Steph making the show. You still thinking of road trippin' to the KY show?

Anonymous said...

I LOVE when Tony gives me the no carb diet. It's SO simple and I don't miss carbs too much at all. Some of us just don't need carbs as bad as others. :) But I didn't get CHEESE with mine! He and I are gonna have to talk! JK!

Yes, pics please! Wanna see these veins you keep teasing us with!

Anonymous said...

I always did like the low carb diets....I dont like carb cycling though, that's why I didn't lean out very well. I've gotta stick to one diet every day no carb cycling for me...makes my fat HANG ON...sucks! I lose weight pretty quick when I low carb it actually. I'm going to start running miles instead of minutes!

Anonymous said...

I also feel better the less carbs I have...as long as my fat stays high. My body loves it. Carbs simply love my ass and that is NOT a good thing lol!