Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's New?


I'm also on a new diet! It's HARDCORE but it's totally gonna be worth it! Notice I didn't post a back picture in my new suit...there's a reason for that. Those of you who have followed my blog know that the first place I gain weight is in my bootay. I know 5 lbs doesn't seem like much but when you're 5'3 and gain it all in the same place it is :) After 2 days on this diet I feel so much better it's weird.

I think there are gonna be some big things headed my way for next year and i'm super excited to see how it all plays out! I may actually meet 2 of the goals i've had for myself but never really wrote down for fear of never reaching them. So to keep in April style if they do come true i'll let you know ;)


Stef said...


C2 said...

I have no doubt you will achieve all of your goals. You have a great attitude Sweets! xoxo

Tracy said...

You crack me up with all the secrecy! Darn it girl! Spill the details, cause I'm one of those people who don't forget!

See ya in 2 days!! ACK!

Angela said...

So jealous!!! Im just waiting for abs!!! The veins would just be a bonus :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Ab veins!?! I'm with Angela, just seeing ABS would be nice!

Glad you got your diet, finally. Hardcore, huh? Hmmm...no carbs, no protein, what? :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome about everything!...I don't even think I had AB veins on contest day lol :)