Sunday, November 9, 2008

Flat and Freckled

Dang, my husband snuck this pic of me as I was bending over to give him a peck on the cheek. I knew I had freckles but boy that is ridiculous LOL! He had Lasik done on Friday and he was a nervous wreck. I thought he was gonna throw up on the ride down there. I had this done 6 years ago and it has been the best $4000 i've ever spent in my life! I was trying to calm him down telling him I would rather have it done again then ride that one rollercoaster at Kingsisland again *barf*. Now he's just being silly. Telling me he's waving to the neighbor across the field and that he's holding up 2 fingers. Wanting to read everything for me...it's cute.

Now to other things...I got a sample of this exfoliater at the Monster Mash a couple weeks ago OMG!!! It's the best ever!!! make your face smooth :) Right now if you buy something you get a cleanser free. So you know I got online and bought it. Now I see I could have gotten it at Kroger LOL! BUT, I woudlnt' have got the cleanser to go with it. I also got a sample of WTF Pump'd by ALR Industries. Man, my veins were popping like crazy yesterday!

Since I started losing weight and shaping up last year i've never felt like I was on a diet...until now. At first this was okay but now it's getting to me. The best part is though I don't have cravings at all but i'm just getting sick of only eating like 4 different things LOL! I'm feeling a bit better today though. I'm gonna go walk my dog since she's the only one that can tolerate me right now ;)


Ruby said...

I think freckles are cute. To me those who have freckles show wrinkles less.
Thanks for the info on the exfoliater they sell this line at our grocery store will pick it up (being the product junkie I am) and try it!
Your almost there April I am so friggin excited for all of you!

Stef said...

I have freckles too. They are not as noticable now as they were when I was a kid. I used to have a bunch on my face (cheeks and nose) and only here and there on my body. I don't mind them...

I would really like to do Lasik at some point, so I am not a slave to my contacts. Did you notice how red my eyes got when we were at Tracy's show. I was having major contact trouble that night. I ended up taking them out before we headed home because I just couldn't stand it anymore.


Sunnie said...

I think your freckles are adorable and that is what makes you, you!
Oh and tag you are it.

Kelly Olexa said...

The freckles are precious!


Tracy said...

Hey chickie! Your on crack! Freckles are HOT! Just sayin! I'm wear them with pride (thanks to my dad for the redhead genetics). haha!

Anonymous said...

You look like a little kid in that picture!!! Your freckles are adorable!

Oooh! I want Lasik SOOOO bad. Wish I could talk my Hubby into paying for it!

Lori said...

You are adorable. YOu look so tiny.

Ruby said...

Hey April..you have been TAGGED see my blog for details...sorry!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Freckles ROCK! I have tons :) and I agree with Lori~you look so tiny! Not to long now girl Whoohoo!

Unknown said...

Hey theeereee!!!

you got some serious definition there!!!!!!!!!

I love freckles lol....its nice to see that you dont try to conceal them (i know many that feel embarassed because of it...dunno why).

Anyway....you're close from the comp....wow...it will be amazing to see you in the suit, tan, heels and rocking the stage!!!! :-)

Keep it on dear....i know how it feels to eat only 4 things lol.