Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Seriously...my legs STILL feel like this:

I have never felt this way after a comp. I know it will pass but I want it to pass NOW! I didn't do anything different...too much chocolate is my norm. I did NOT have ANY splenda the week of the show or it could be the 24 days of ZERO carb that my body is hating right now? Either way I know the sausage leg syndrome will be gone but i'm just not sure when. I'm back to eating clean with a piece of fudge thrown in today because OMG I have THE easiest and BEST fudge recipe!!! My workouts are great and i'm hoping they push some water out of my system.

I'm super pumped about the upcoming figure season next year! I even have plan to do a show in Philly with Angela!...yep, she's got the bug too :)

16 oz of PB
16 oz of Chocolate frosting
Leave in container(take foil and lids off)microwave each for 1 min. Pour into bowl and stir. Put in 8x8 pan and chill overnight.

I'm not joking, that's all there is to it. Remember watching mom and grandma make fudge and it was some big fiasco with a thermometer and all?? I'm gonna do my best not to gorge tomorrow. I'm actually sick of food so it may be pretty easy. I did get hungry today which was a nice feeling LOL!


Becca said...

haha sausage legs, wish I could see a pic of that! just look at my blog, my legs are sausage legs 24/7! LOL. Gonna make your fudge tomorrow, my boyfriend is a fudge maniac and will love it!!!

Stef said...


I would guess that your legs are swollen from the low/no carbing you did before the show....

Just keep guzzling the water!


April said...

Becca, I can't comment on your blog??? What are you talking about sausage legs! OMG you have a gorgeous body!!!!!!

Becca said...

Jodi said that she couldn't comment either!? Idk what's up! here no one was commenting and I was getting worried they had nothing to say about the shape i was in! LOL...i'll look into it. please try back later, i need to hear good things. i was kinda down after critiquing my pics in that snug suit last week. :(

Tearose said...

LOL April, I am stealing that fudge recipe for sometime in the next year lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh blah! Girl friend your legs don't look like sausages! Want to see mine? Mine are what I like to call, "Holiday Hams." Haha! Nah you're just holding a lot of water because when you diet like that your body isn't used to having a lot of insulin and then once you eat sugar/sodium your body is caught off guard. It'll level out, don't fret my pet!!!

I can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

I think its pretty cool you're going to do a show in Philly! Wow! I wont be LOL!!! I don't have that kind of $$. However I will be doing all the Indianapolis shows since they're close. If I feel like it I may hop into next year's KY Muscle. It looked exciting, but you know what??? To be totally honest with everyone, I don't at all want to do a show that is a two day event. LOL!!!! I'm not going to lie about that-that would suck!!!

Tina said...

LOL @ Jodi!! And I got the sausage legs going on too, and my calves I swear are as big as my thighs use to be...I was on my feet all night at work got home and I swear they were going to pop like a water balloon!!

We'll be back to our rockstar selves in no time...diet is on....tomorrow :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

oh I'm glad we are all in this post comp hell together! lol...and I'm with Jodi, I'd never make a comp that was a two day event!! Kill me now :)