Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks Guys!

Thanks for the well wishes and prayers they worked! I'm at home and feeling fine. I have some discomfort when I pee but that's about it. Yesterday's diet was AWFUL! I had an entire box of Wheat Thins and a cup of Jello. That was on the Drs. diet ;) So today i'm back to Tony's diet and feeling MUCH better. I tried to do a bit of cardio. Just a walk on an incline and 17 mins into it I had to stop. So I better rest so I can really heal up.

With the windchill today it's -30 degrees here EEK! Guess who is out of food? No not me, that would never happen. My little girl...i'm a bad mommy :) So we're gonna go to PetSmart in a bit.

Thanks again! You guys are the best!


Marissa said...

glad you are doing well! rest up!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you! I can't wait until next weekend when we can hang out and shop!!!!! YAY!!!

Susan said...

Glad to hear everything went fine and that you are home.

Rest and recover time.

Anonymous said...

SO glad you are home and that everything went well. PLEASE rest and let your body heal, girl! HUGS!

Barbara said...

April...i love ya girl but F'ing REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

Get that girl some FOOD!! :)

Sending you some big hugs for a warm weekend. It's cold here in VA, too, so I feel ya!



Jessica said...

Hey girl!
So happy to see you doing so well so quickly. Glad you stopped after 17 minutes and listened to your body. You don't want to delay getting back at it full time! :)