Thursday, June 4, 2009

Don't Look Under Your Bed!

There might be a Green Monster!

These are very good i'll admit...BUT...I miss my Met-rx!

1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond breeze(drinking skim milk right now though??)
1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
3 strawberries
1/2 banana frozen
some spinach
some ice
DARN! I forgot the blueberries...oh well.

That was me when I realized I didn't have anymore yummy chocolatey packets left. Plus I think that's about my chest size too HA!

I need more digestive enzymes so I went to the Vitamin Shoppe. Can you believe that is the only thing I bought!! I'm so proud of myself :) I needed more fish oil but I know Target has that cheaper. I almost bought some chocolate vitamin D disks too mmm...but I put them back.

THEN I went to Kroger to get some more ACV. It was lunch time and I was ravenous. I picked up this, that, well i'll just buy some nuts and eat a few, these ice cream bars are only 90 cals...etc..looking at all the nutritional info on EVERYTHING. I bet people think i'm loony. Guess what I left with? ACV, tomatoes, and a dog treat WOO! I'm really excited about this new meal plan and I don't want to screw it up.


Nerd Girl said...

i think that baby's chest is bigger than mine hahah :)

Becca said...

Good for yoU!!!
YAY FOR STICKING TO THE PLAN. oh yeah, i read the back of everything, multiple times - trying to justify buying it...lol...people probably do think I'm crazy toO! Running into the store for a 10 min. shopping thing turns into a 40 min. event. BLEH

Marissa said...

LOL You are too cute! I love your glass! And I think I've joined the flat chested group too :)

Good job on your self control! But I already knew you wouldn't sneak anything bad in :)

Mary M said...

Hey girl..so you read a few labels...big deal! You got it right...bought what you had to, ate what you needed to!


Keep up the good work!

Tina said...

Hey that baby's got more chest than the both of us :) Yes...I am very curious about this meal plan :)

Tina said...

Oh yeah I had to come back and say...I love all these happy pictures of you...love it!!!!

Tracy said...

I am GONNA have to try one of those shakes soon. I guess I'm afraid of tasting the spinach?

Barbara said...

Yay...they are da bomb yo! I love your mug too.:) I plan to make another one this weekend but there is NO WAY it's ever replacing my beloved myoplex lite.

April said...

Tracy don't be afraid you can't taste the spinach :) Just make sure there is a banana in there!

Barb I hear you, I NEED more Metrx!!

Tina i'll be sending you an email ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol you are so funny and yay for the green monster! I seriously wish I could find almond breeze without going on an hour road trip!

Anonymous said...

Lol you are so funny and yay for the green monster! I seriously wish I could find almond breeze without going on an hour road trip!

Kelly Olexa said...

Green Monsters ROCK!! ;-)
Hey do you want some of my boobs? Dang girl I've got more than enough to share lately.....thank you. I'll FedEx it to you.