Friday, November 14, 2008

Told You I Love This Stuff!

I can't wait to try the eye serum! I'll let you know if it works miracles! I have bags under my eyes from...getting older...and waking up at 4:30a everyday. I also LOVE toner and this toner smells amazing. It doesn't smell like alcohol that dries you out. WOOHOO!

On the show front i'm getting leaner and leaner everyday :) I got some carbs today and my abs puffed up just like a pastry! Actually my wee shoulders and bicep did too! Now if I can just get my butt to flatten like a pancake a little. Can you tell I have food on the brain LOL! Tomorrow is a carb up for me AND I get to enjoying my incredible MRP mmmmm....chocolate shake at 1 week out!

Man, this is going to be the funnest experience! I love doing shows with a friend. That's why Jodi and I always plan the local ones together. It's fun doing it locally because if I forget something I can run home. Plus if Jodi forgot something I could always get it for her. Now I HAVE to remember everything! My suit and shoes are important, shoes and jewelry also, makeup yes, but the MOST important thing I need to remember is MOOSE MUNCH!!!! LOL!


Tracy said...

Ha! I forgot my jewelry to pre-judging and one of the gals on the team let me borrow her extra set and saved my bootie!

Stef said...

Hmmmmm.... gonna have to remember that MooseMunch, post comp! will you bring me some???


Anonymous said...

That's totally why local shows rock! Plus its like, why do shows far away anyhow...we gotta represent the local population!!! :D This 2009 I would like to do 3 indy shows :D