Monday, September 29, 2008

8 weeks out

My "B" is working now? It actually worked when I typed the last title?? I guess I was having a blonde moment because I didn't catch it until this morning LOL!

Okay, so the pic above is me 8 weeks out now and 8 weeks out last show. I'm in a much better spot now that's for sure. I can't get too cocky though :) Actually yesterday I was trying my best to just have fun at the cookout and not stress. I took my turkey burger and I was going to be an angel HA! 1 ooey gooey brownie, 2 cookies and a lb of macaroni salad later let's just say I wasn't an angel LOL! I got on the scale this morning and gain a pound :) That's okay though because i'll still hit my goal of 112 this weekend!!

My eating was great today. I was craving peanuts so bad but I resisted. I did have a bit of non dairy creamer in my coffee at work but oh well. It's better than a pound of macaroni salad LOL!

I'm getting so excited for this comp! I think actually i'm just getting excited to hang out with Angela and Tina again and to meet the Infamous Stacey!!!!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bored So I'm Blogging

Disclaimer: There is a letter on my keyoard that isn't working right now

It's 7a Sunday morning and i'm getting ready to take my doggy for a walk. I woke up with a slight headache ut that's not stopping me. I woke up yesterday and I weighed in at 113.8! Then I "used the athroom' and weighed 113.6 :) Here is what I ended up eating yesterday and I thought my weight would e up more ut it's not!!

oats/egg whites
Yogurt parfait with rasperries and strawerries and granola shhhhh....
chicken roccoli
PWO shake
6 egg whites
turkey, roccoli, spinach/tomatoes
100 cal popcorn!

I also made cookies and the oreo dessert. OF COURSE I tasted some crums of the oreos :) I've also eaten 4 of the cookies! Oh well. That's life. I would have NEVER done this a few weeks ago though when I was trying my darnest to lose weight. When I last talked to Tony he told me to maintain around 113 and then at 6 weeks out we'll kick it up??? Not sure what all that means ut in my mind it means i'm gonna enjoying some oreo pudding today LOL!

Just let me live in this moment of my ody working :) OR is this what happens when you're fit? I AM remolding my ody as Tony say. The most important part is that if I have a treat today and then weigh tomorrow and i'm up significantly then I have the willpower to e super strict again. It's a lifestyle and I think i'm finally living it instead of fighting with it!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Figured it out!

Here are the pics I couldn't get posted yesterday :) I love my new little knife!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who am I?

First off I want to say that i've been rubbing cocoa butter on that picture below to prevent stretch marks HA!

Since my comp I don't know who has taken over my body but I love whoever it is! I'm so happy with myself right now! I got back to clean eating the Tuesday after my show. I had a few treat like the slivers of fudge, bbq no bun and broccoli salad. I've had some nuts, a few bowls of cereal and until Tony sends me a new diet plan i'm gonna continue to eat my yams :) I had my last Metrx packet yesterday so i'll miss that :( I weighed 114.6 this morning and i'm shooting for 113.8 on Saturday. I KNOW i'll get there. If not...I had some peanuts and a Diet Sprite today so it's my fault. I AM IN CONTROL OF MY BODY THIS TIME! I'm so relaxed it's awesome. I'm not stressing being around food, in fact i'm going to a cookout with my hubs this Sunday! I'll be making oreo pudding....mmmmmm....will I have any? I don't know but i'm not stressing if I do! I don't plan on pigging out. That's my downfall. I'm strict for so long and then I gorge...like post comp. You saw the results :) I'm very happy with my clean plan though so that could be it. The cup of oats in the morning is my BFF!

I just finished my abs workout and the veins going down my stomach are SICK! Is it my stomach? Yes, I still have the profound lower pooch HA!

I'm just in a really good state of mind right now and I need to blog it so I don't forget. You know being female that could all change tomorrow! Speaking of that, no TOM for me this month WOO!

I've also been doing little cardio. Little in my cardio land world that is. I do 30~45 minutes Mon-Fri. Sometimes a fast walk, sometimes intervals, or an incline. Saturday and Sunday are walking Boomer or going to the track with Mike. You may think that is still alot but I do enjoy waking up early and doing cardio so it's just in my daily schedule.

So to sum it up...my body is a fat burning machine right now! I'm loving it! This doesn't mean i'm going to run to the nearest pizza shop but I may have a few extra yams here and there :) I can't wait for Muscle In The City!!! 57 days!

Well, I was gonna post a pic of my new shoes and sword rack but my computer is being a biatch right now!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Told Ya!

While emailing with Angela, Tina and Stacey last week I told them they won't believe this pic of my stomach Sunday night! I felt like I was gonna explode! Was it worth it?.....HELL YEAH!

My weight was the exact same as it was yesterday morning...even after the bbq sandwich and slivers of fudge :) Today's damage was a salad with walnuts and goat cheese mmmmm.....

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Moose Munch!!!!! They also have milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cherry chocolate. Hell, i'll get one of each since there are 4 of us and we can share :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eatin Ain't Cheatin!

9 weeks out today YIPPEE! My weigh in was 114.8! That's what I weighed at 2 weeks out last show :)

Talked with Tony this week and he is very happy with my weight and wants me to be 113next week. I have a feeling this prep is gonna be AWESOME! He actually told me NOT to do so much cardio! I told him about the apples, almonds and yams i've been eating and he said that ain't cheatin :D WHEWY!

Today my mom and I went shopping in Metamora Indiana.It was so much fun. It's set up like a little village and the people were so friendly. I had an iced coffe with carmel, cinnamon, and hazlenut sugar-free divinci syrups and it was the best thing EVER!!! I had a few slivers of fudge too...just a few slivers and kept it at that. I don't want to get over 120 again and kill myself to work it off. Now that's cheatin :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Haven't done one of these in awhile...

I'm still waiting on my mom to send me comp pics. I'll get them up as soon as I get them!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


I'm exhausted and in a food hangover LOL! Yesterday was so much fun! I'm just chillin and eatin today. I had a choco chip mint frappicino at Target YUM! I'll have to say though that i'm also baking chicken, turkey, asparagus and cooking eggs and i'm right back on it tomorrow. I'll weigh too to see what damage i've done EEK! Either way i'll be at a good point for my 10 week out show YIPPEE! This is going to be so much fun with Stacey, Tina, and Angela!! :)

I got the judges sheets this morning for the show. I'm really surprised at how close they were. Makes me happy :) I got 4th in Figure Novice and 6th in Open...which means no placement LOL! I was 2 points shy of 3rd and 2 points shy of 5th. I got a really cool knife thing. I'll take a pic of it sometime and show you all. I had a great time but I got REALLY tired around 5p??? My abs werent' showing either...pissed me off.

My mom has better pics so once she sends them to me i'll post more. I was actually happy with the way my butt and legs looked for the most part. I just need to work on my upper body and i'll be set I think. Pray for my weak arms to grow ;)

I've posted some of my photoshoot pics on Myspace if you want to check them out :) I think they turned out good considering I didn't pay anything HA! I need to repay Jodi with a lot of lunches bought or something!!

I got this pic from Jodi's myspace. You all know how hard I have to work on my backside. It take ALOT of grueling things for me to get it to diminish. Well i'm happy to say that beside the tiny girl next to me I think I deserve second for the nice butt title ;) I probably really deserve first because she is just naturally tiny LOL!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Last Supper....

Hey guys! We'll it's 5:00p and I just ate my last meal :) I'm so freaking thirsty too but there will be no water for me until after prejudging tomorrow. While everyone is going to Cheeseburger in Paradise or Buca De Beppo's you better believe i'll be home eating my chicken, asparagus and yam. Why? Because even though the judging is supposedly during the prejudging the family and friends will be at the night show :) I don't want to be spilling over my bikini bottoms. As soon as I have some water I know the pooch will show a bit but oh well.

I'm most excited about my before prejudging treat Woo, can't wait! It's suppose to bring out your veins and stuff and even though I really don't have any YET(except shoulders and abs) i'm hopeful.

Here is a pic of my back today...i'm growing some muscles :)

I'm gonna have a great time tomorrow and i'll be thinking of you all!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What Am I On???

Dang, i've got SO much energy today! I've cleaned all the carpets and I may as well go ahead and mop the floors. I cleaned out the cabinets, where I found some honey roasted cashews my hubs was hiding from me LOL! He is so silly.

Tony called me twice. Once seeing how I was doing and telling me to take pics. Second was to see how i'm doing and to let me know that i'm looking good. I told him i'm not completly happy with my butt but I won't recognize it come November! He is happy with my muscle maturity even though I don't see it. He said i'm thicker in a good way. My body dries out great, or at least it did last year so I can't wait until Saturday!

I'll be looking for a new 2 piece for my Nov comp. I told myself that once i'm happy with my backside i'll get a suit to show it off. Any suggestions on styles or colors are welcome :) I'm leaning towards shiny green for the color. I'm just nervous about a more revealing butt area even though I think it would make it look better??

Stef you are the sweetest!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know this journey is a marathon and not a sprint...someday i'll have shoulders. For now i'm very happy with what I have :)

Last day of sodium WOOHOO! I also mixed my PB and honey together today and put it in a small container. I'm not tempted by the yummy goodness today however Friday and Saturday will be a different story. This is the only way I can think of to keep myself from eating the entire jar after walking off the stage at night :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sneak Peak

Here is a pic my mom took of me at the photo shoot in the gym :) She took more pics but she really sucks at taking pics like me!

I can wait to see the real ones!

Sodium loading is going okay. I'm getting use to the taste. My legs are tingly right now though. My weight is up but Tony said that is normal. I hope this works!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Time Is Near!

I can't believe this week is already here! I got my protocol from Tony for the week and I am to follow it like my life depends on it ;) I had to take pics and send them this morning and he will evaluate the cardio situation. Needless to say that cardio remains the same but now he wants to do a salt load EEK! I can not stand salt but i'll do what needs to be done :) I'm starting my carb depletion today so bye bye cup of oats boohoo....

Oh yes, I had a photoshoot yesterday. My friend Jodi and I had a blast! They are all very tasteful and i've found that I would NOT be a good model. Plus I have to cheese in all pics, I'm a smiler :) We should get the CD this coming weekend!

I want to thank each and every one of you who check in on me and encourage me to keep going. I've had a rough year body wise and it would have been so easy to give up but ready your posts help keep me sane. All I know is all of a sudden my body loves carbs and that makes me happy :)

I'm not stopping here though. I KNOW my butt is still big and I want to get it where it's never been before!! Tony thinks the hips will go with the water drop etc...we'll see. My pooch actually is smaller this time? Bodies are weird.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost 1 weeks out :) 113.4

I just have to brag for a moment which actually I don't normally do. Of course it's about food. I got to eat 2 cups of oats yesterday! Yes you read that right! Little Miss Applebottom got extra oats!!!! I was in Heaven i'll tell ya. I saved them for last and ate it like dessert :) In my world that is desserts LOL! So now i'm tapering off carbs today for a bit. I'll skip the carb powder so that's 35g right there and then this morning I only had 1/2 a cup of oats. I have been getting 3/4~1 cups every morning BEEFCAKE!

This prep is so much better than anything i've done before. Obviously last time didn't work...partly my fault and the low/hi carb rotations don't work for my body. This time I could live off of this meal plan forever! With some pizza and M&M's thrown in now and again ;) My workouts are still full of energy although i'll admit my legs are about to die now. At least i'm only 1 week out as opposed to 4 weeks and they are dead.

After this I will continue to push myself until I rock the stage with my fellow redheads. I want to be my leanest EVER! Of course I want arms like Stacey too but I don't think that will happen in 2 months ;) Ladies where are you staying at in Rockford? Hubs wants to go ahead and book our hotel. As much as he is dreading it he mentioned doing that sooner than later.

I've seen some girls i'll be competing with next weekend. WHOA! We're talking me against Visionquester here. That's okay though. That's when it's good to not be a competitive person. I really just enjoy the backstage time and as much as I HATE people and doing things it's actually fun for me. Tony set a goal for Angela to be 110 sometime next week. I told her i'd try to get there as well. I was telling Mike about this and he is VERY competitive. He is all like ooohhh yeah you're going to beat her etc....I told him he's crazy. I said she is even LESS competitive than me LOL! Love you Angela and when you read this you had better have done extra cardio and eaten like a mouse so you're at 110 baby!

I saw a show this weekend about redheads. It was REALLY interesting. It was saying that we don't produce as much serotonin as other hair colored people?? Makes TOTAL sense! My sister was watching it with me bless her heart. She looked at me and said "April, now I understand why if I step on the back of your shoe you don't keep walking but turn around and punch me". LOL! Of course now when I fly off the handle I tell Mike i'm lacking serotonin. We also have a high pain tolerance...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Time is FLYING!!

Okay I looked at my countdown and it says 11 days OMG! I have so much to do!! I'll need your opinions on music. I may also have another suit lined up. It's lavendar but i've yet to try it on. My friend is going to let me see if it fits right first.

Weight was 113.6 this morning YIPPEE! I've got tons of energy, eating plan is still great and I couldn't be happier....oh yes I could. If the dang fat would leave my hips that would make me happier ;)

Off to Target now :)


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