Thursday, August 30, 2007

Music help

I need to pick a song to strut my stuff to for the night show.



The Whistle Song

I really love The Prodigy but i'm afraid it will make me walk too fast! LOL! I was in Color Guard so I walk with the beat, it's in my blood.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Why I love you guys :)

You have the nicest and dearest comments and I know you know how I feel. When I say I wear a size 3 now to you it's not being conceited but that i've been working and dieting my butt off.

Comments from people I work with:

Are we going to see you on one of those please feed this child commercials?

What's up Olive Oyl?

I'm going to by you a hamburger for lunch.

I do get some people that I don't see everyday just mention "Have you lost weight?"

See what I mean. Of course they don't see my progress pics and don't know that i'll be ripped with muscles someday ;)

These two girls at work, who by the way can' wait for the weight watchers program at work in October to start, all they talk about first thing is what they ate over the weekend. I think I may have pissed them off when I said that is great I weighed in at 112 :) They always say how they are proud of me and my willpower and how I can resist everything but I don't know if they really mean it or not.

My favorite comment so far though is the one Martha just posted So you look like 1 foot taller

Oh and Laurie, I'll always be a pear in my mind, especially if I don't keep my hand out of the bread basket

Sunday, August 26, 2007

More photos

I think I need a serious tan LOL!! On the front i'm not posing to well either but oh well. I can tell my legs are finally getting smaller, now if the dang "pooch" would disappear that would be nice.

I bought my MAC makeup today and it was fun! The lady at the counter said "um.....lets make sure it blends okay with your skin" LOL!! I told her I know it is waaaaayyyy to dark and I need it to be:) I'm taking a posing class this weekend and I can't wait. I am also taking a spin class because i've never done that before???

Saturday, August 25, 2007

4 weeks out! 112.6

Sphew! Glad I saw some weight loss because i've been working my butt off! I know it's not about the weight but I have that disorder where I look in the mirror and swear I still look 130 sometimes. I don't have veins in my arms yet but I do have them around my chest and abs. Hmmmmm......I don't carry fat there so that is why. Why won't the fat come off where I need it too??

People have told me that 4 weeks out is the magic week so we'll see.

Trying to plan out my 3 workouts today. I have biceps to work today! I hate doing them but i'll give my best to make those little humps show better :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Up and at 'em

I thought about sleeping in an hour today and then thought how I will be on stage in a bikini in shoes I can't even walk in and hopped out and on the treadmill. I feel so much better too! Could be the oatmeal that i'm eating ;) Let me just say the 8.0~9.0 mph sprints are out the door right now. My energy level has dropped big time. But....I didn't have a really good chest workout this week which is strange. I have that Kelly Ripa weird cleavage boney muscle thing happening right now eek!!

Tonight is back and triceps so I am going to see how heavy I can go because my back is my strongest muscle and I love to work it!!

This weekend Mike and I will be going to the Colt's game and hiking in Brown County again plus I will be spending a fortune on the MAC foundation for women of color that hopefully I will use up in more shows!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Its the little things

As I get older and reflect on life it's the little things that have always meant the most and get pushed to the side. I watch the E channel way to much so my view of the life I see really isn't in perspective. I know i'll never have the materials things and that is okay. I use to feel like I would never be satisfied and recently that has changed when I look at the little things.

Little things like this too :)

On the workout front Tony gave me another "drill" to do right before my last hour of cardio. All I can say it i'll be sore tomorrow!! and the next etc......

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New and Improved

I feel so much better than I did this weekend. My legs and feet feel normal and I don't feel so tired, I did a complete 360!! So now it's on until I exhaust myself again. I slept a lot on Saturday so that may have been what I needed. Tony told me that we go throug times where we get worn down and need to take a day off. That could have been my problem because I didn't take off I kept pushing!!

I also went shopping on Sunday so that will always bring a girls spirit up!! I bought a belt to hold my pants up :) I've never owned one of those! I also bought some contest jewelry, bare minerals eye shadown and lipstick, panties and a bra in size 34. No cup size just 34 LOL!!! Most important though is I bought new running shoes.

I feel like I don't have enough time...Tony doesn't seem worried though so I guess I should be alright.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

5 weeks out - 114.0

So I lost a measily .4 lbs in a week! I've not gained ever since being on Tony's program so I guess that is a good thing! Well besides the 3.4 lbs on the cruise but if you saw how much I ate eek! Last week I burned 7231 cals and this week i'm only at 6058. I'll do another workout today but man my feet and legs are killing me!! I think it may be my shoes.

I still have so much to get for the show. I'm going to the mall today and buying new running shoes and i'm not going for cheap this time!! I need to get jewelry and a black zip up sweat suit also. Next week i'll head "downtown" Indianapolis. That is where I will get my MAC makeup. I may check out Merle Norman today though since the mall here where I'm at carries that. They also have Sephora too but i've just read that MAC is good so that is what i'm leaning towards.

So for so long now i've been on such a high and very positive and can't wait to workout etc.....Starting Thursday working out seems like a chore to me :( I hope it is just a little phase and when I get new shoes i'll get over it! Could also be that Mike went to a nice Italian place and then to Slippery Noodle to celebrate a friends b-day and I didn't go. Or that my best friend called and wanted to know if Saturday night I wanted to go to a club with her. Of course that was a no. I've just not had energy lately and it blows!!

I did find something I enjoyed last night though. Mike and I took a long motorcycle ride out in the country. It was just him and I with my arms around him and he couldn't hear me so he didn't have to listen to me bitch. Then we rented Fracture which was a good movie and snuggled :)

Found this on Trojans blog hmmmm......Oh well, I have only 5 weeks!!

The typical signs of over training include:

* Insomnia
* Achiness or pain in the muscles and/or joints
* Fatigue
* Headaches
* Elevated morning pulse
* Sudden inability to complete workouts
* Feeling unmotivated and lacking energy
* Increased susceptibility to colds, sore throats and other illnesses
* Loss in appetite
* Decrease in performance

Reese thanks for those! Motivated me to stay on the treadmill longer!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dualing Abs :)

We're silly! Of course you can't tell how awesome my abs are really becoming in this picture. If my shoulders would catch up i'll be happier! Oh, and I love how he is covering his boobs too ha!

Guess who won the season Colt's tickets for employee appreciation??? YIPPEE!! That made up for not getting to eat any muffins, bagels, cookies, steak dinner, brownie, ice cream and tomorrow is popcorn and soda! Don't worry though because in October we're starting a weight watcher's program, help me keep my mouth shut lord.

Tony called me today and all I could think of is that he was going to take my yam away. Nope, just some much needed motivation and i'm doing great!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

They found Chris Farley. He was reincarnated as a 3 year old girl.


Tony gave me a new type of workout to do in the mornings for my first hour. I was so pumped to try it and when the alarm went off at 4:30 i'm not sure what happened??? I didn't wake up again until 5:35!!! poop!

That's okay though. I'll do that one tonight and then on Sunday i'll make up for the hour!!

I've been adding just a bit of an apple flavored water packet to my oats in the morning! YUMMY!! I do miss the brown sugar splenda :(

I mailed my entry form yesterday so it's official now!! Sep 22nd i'm gonna win the sword! The prize is an authentic sword how awesome! Overall takes a trophy so i'll take that too ;)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Employee Appreciation WEEK!

My work doesn't dedicate a day it's a whole stinkin week! Today I think is donuts and bagels. Tomorrow I believe is popcorn and a steak dinner. I'll keep you posted what each day is and how disgusting these people I work with are :) The only day I can partake in is jeans Friday. Oh wait, I don't have any jeans that fit ARG!!!

Hour cardio done this morning, legs to do after work, more cardio after dinner. This is the life!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

New Slide Show :)

Cool Slideshows!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Six weeks out - 114.4 lbs!

I'm officially below 115 so i'm going to mail off my entry form today :) It cost $105 just to be in the stinkin thing !!! Shock 2 Wonder what they do with that money???

I measured my thighs this morning and they are finally shrinking. They are 20.5 now. I know under all this fat my muscles will be awesome!

Tony has me doing some bicep exercises today that I haven't done yet and I can't wait to do them! I really hope to have big shoulders someday. Scratch that, I WILL have big shoulders someday. Happy

I have to take progress pics for him tomorrow so i'll post them when I get a chance.

Thanks for the comments on my hair. At first I was trying to grow it out for the comp and then I thought why do I have to be like everyone else? I hate long hair so off it went!! I think it makes me look younger if anything!! Ponder

Thursday, August 9, 2007

To Good to Be True?


Hmmmm........I wonder.........I'll try anything. Who wants to be the guinea pig?

Can I......

borrow someone elses legs? Mine are so sore! Nothing like sweat rolling down your body at 4:45a.m. though :)

Cals are already at 3660 and I have 7 more workouts to do! I'm taking Sunday OFF!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Laurie reminded me....hair

I went a lot shorter than had expected :) It's not really fixed in this pic but you get the idea. Next month i'm getting highlights!

I'm beat....whew!

Mike and I had an awesome day yesterday at the waterpark. We laughed and played like kids but.......we can tell we are getting old. 3.5 hours was enough for us LOL! We came back home and just laid around, until it was time for my hour of cardio ick. I got PLENTY of exercise yesterday running around and walking up stairs it was great :)

Today is our 8th anniversary! I walked to Kroger and bought a bunch of good stuff to make Mike for breakfast. He had eggs, potatoes, green and red pepper, onions and sausage. Plus buttermilk biscuits with butter and grape jelly mmmmmm.......I had egg whites and oatmeal:) Smelling the sausage and peppers didn't make me want it though because I could smell the heartburn. I told him you're eating more carbs in one sitting than I do an entire week. Of course he won't gain anything from it and I probably did just smelling it.

It's finally happening!! My 7's aren't fitting anymore and my 5's are getting loose! I went to Von Maur today and bought a pair of 3's!!! They were on clearance for $7 so I thought what the heck i'll try them on and they fit!!! I ran out of the dressing room and yelled for Mike and I said I can't believe it!! I don't mean I fit into them and I have a muffin top like most of America, they actually look pretty good.

Mike still can't believe how much "skin" I have on my legs. That is his nice way of saying fat I think. I don't know either. I know that having "friends" like you all is what keeps me going. I can see your struggles as well and I mean that in the nicest way. I know that one day all of this eating and working out will pay off.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


I almost made 6000 cals for the week. I had a headache or I would have lasted longer.

Tomorrow Mike and I are going here.

I've had a busy weekend. Reunion today, didn't eat anything there. I went to GNC afterwards and got a Lean body protein shake. It was pretty tasty.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Pics for Martha :)

These may not be the pics your looking for right now but they'll have to do LOL! I'm afraid to put my suit on too much and frankly there is just not that big of a difference. My hubby keeps telling me there is but I don't see it yet. Of course if I took pics with it on maybe I would notice hmmmmm..........

This was taken this year in Feb. I got this suit 4 years ago and yes I actually fit in it. It was easy to be skinny then(4 years ago) but...I felt like a cow. At 112 lbs. I thought I was still fat. In reality I probably was? I am not FAT now though I am FIT.
I was actually feeling much better in this pic. I had lost like 7 lbs by then. (the one above that is)
This was taken yesterday. I felt like I was standing up straight?? I was probably about to fall in those heels.

Back muscles. They look awesome when the light hits them right :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wedding pics for Angela :)

These were from August 7th 1999!!!



Air conditioner guy is here fixing my air!! Oh, and don't worry Boomer is at my mom's!! There is no way I would make my little girl suffer through this!

Angela, i'm at home :) I don't think i'll go back either, it's too hot outside LOL!!

It's Getting Hot in Here.....

and you better believe I took off all my clothes. This is going to be the hottest day in Indy today. Who cares when you have a house with air conditioning right? Wrong. Ours went out earlier this week. I kept telling Mike that I thought it was awfully warm in our house and the air that was blowing was not as cold as usual. He just told me it's because i'm either working out or sitting in front of the hot computer LOL!! I love it when i'm right!!! I'll be waiting for the repair guy to call us today. I could hardly fall asleep last night I was toasty :(

Another funny thing is I was looking at early menopause symptoms because 1. No period still and 2. I thought maybe I was having hot flashes :)

Rock hard abs day!!