Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Just thought I'd post something at least. I really enjoyed my b-day cake on Sunday :) I only had 1 tiny piece and my willpower was in overdrive! I did have some peanut M&M's too. I was so tired yesterday and I think it was all the sugar leaving my system. I went to bed at 8p last night and slept right through my morning cardio and woke up at 5:45a. I did do it tonight though! My weight was up
.6 lbs Monday morning but I weighed this morning and i'm back at 117.2 LOL!

I got my new meal plan from Tony Sunday! I was expecting the drop in oats etc...but it's actually MORE food! It's like to good to be true! For those of you that followed my first journey and my second attempt you know that I did TONS of cardio and my 1/2 cup of oats turned into 1/3 cup and so on...well this time is totally different. I really hope it works because I feel great!

Thanks for the post about my tiny waist. It's really all i've got to cling onto. My hips are holding fat big time grrr....I know it'll go though. I really need to start focusing on my shoulders. After this show i'll have a talk with Tony about that. I try and try but you just can't see them. I can see them but when I pose they disappear.

I should be getting my car tomorrow! I'll be sad giving mine up :( At least I sold it to a guy I work with so I know where it'll be.


Health Girl said...

Glad you had a good b-day! :) You must have needed the rest. Good job getting that cardio in. :)

yay for more food! :) Today is one of my favorite days food-wise. I get some fruit!

How long does it take for fat to leave the hips?? Right up until the end? (I can't see yours anyway, but I've got plenty... lol)

Have fun with your new car. :)

Colette said...

Glad everything is going great!

GClef1970 said...

Isn't it funny how *more* food (the right types, of course) can make your body jump forward?? I'm amazed at the new menu (and results) changes. You'll be smokin' on that stage in no time!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! WOW, your willpower is amazing! Can I get some of that?

More food YAY!!!!

Good luck with the new car and congrats!!