Friday, November 28, 2008


It's hard to believe this time last week I was all gung ho to have the Muscle in the City weekend. I'm sad now...it's over. It's not totally over though. We're already planning our next get together! Sometimes it's scary meeting people you're not sure you really know or will click with. I typically don't like being around people. I'm a loner. I like it that way. I have friends but I don't really hang out with them that often. I use to ALL the time but you know, jobs, kids, and figure comps HA! I'm so glad to have found Angela, Stacey and Tina. We all GET each other. It's nice to have someone GET you and understand your madness. Each one of us is different but together we all make up the perfect friendship.

Angela-quiet, reserved, short as heck, petite, philly accent, family oriented and caring

Tina-big hearted, smiley, full of life, too caring, goofy, drinks wine

Stacey-mother hen, gabby, hilarious, brightens up a room, storyteller

Me-hates people, gets pissed off easily, hates GPS phones

Ha! See put us 4 together and you get Muscle in the City a friendship that never dies!!!!


Stef said...

That is soooo cool! It is amazing that you can be such great friends with people you have never "met" before. There are so many of my online friends I just love!!!


Tina said...

I don't think you describe yourself very accurately :) I think you are every girls best friend. I totally get you, and love everything about you, especially your don't give an F attitude and that you don't swear LMAO!!!! I can't wait till we meet up again, we need to get planning!!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Tina's comment! and what...you get pissed off easy?~NEVER! lol you love my GPS! What a riot!

C2 said...

Friendships with that type of "connection" is priceless. Glad you had a fabulous time April! :)