Friday, April 18, 2008

I feel the earth move.....

under my feet! Seriously, keep in mind I live in Indiana. After I got off the treadmill and took at shower I was naked standing in front of the sink plucking some stray eyebrows when the sink started shaking. For a second I thought it was just me shaking the thing. Then Boomer runs in the bathroom whining, she had been acting weird while I was on the treadmill too. I walk out of the bathroom and realize the whole house is shaking! I ran to the bedroom and opened the door where Mike was sleeping. He was opening the door at the same time. "What did you do?" he asked LOL! He thought I had fallen off the treadmill or dropped some weights. WTF??? I thought the house was going to blow up. I ran downstairs to let Boomer out LOL! Ran up stairs to die with Mike. I know, but it's my low carb day and I had just ran 4 miles.

I know you people in Cali probably think that us midwestern folk are just a bunch of rednecks and are making a big deal out of nothing since you're use to earthquakes LOL! I'll send some tornadoes your way!!

I'm starving right now...a feeling I must get use to again. I'm not really starving, i've given my body nutrients all day. So I didn't get the bagels that everyone else enjoyed :( That's alright I don't have the muffin tops either(that bad anyway).

I can't wait to hear the results of Lori aka Sweet Emotions contest WOO!


KatieFeldmom said...

I live in California and have yet to feel one, so I'm a bit jealous that you, in Indiana, did feel one. But I would probably be just as freaked as you were!

Fingers crossed for Lori!!!

Tearose said...

Lmao April! Thats funny he thought YOU made all that shaking happen! I'm from Cali and earthquakes are scary even the small ones.

Tina said...

LMAO!! Too funny about Mikes comment!!

Stef said...

I didn't feel this one, but I remember feeling the one back in the 80's when I was in HS. I don't think this one reached Ohio like the one in the 80's.


Visionquester said...

I was in a 6.4 in Alaska once. Sounded like a freight train coming and there was this big wave that ran through the floor. Way cool, but scary because we didn't know if and when another one was coming.

My mom was telling me the news about YOUR earth quake and I stopped her as I was reading your post and asked her if she wanted a first hand account?

She liked yours a lot.