Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Better Spirits :)

While I was typing my last blog I almost thougt about deleting it. I was in such a bad mood and really wasn't into it that day. Then I thought this is what EVERYONE goes through. Last time I think I made it seem to easy. It's NOT! There were times i'd cry when Tony would tell me more cardio. This time around i'll admit it's much easier and I think it's because I know what to expect. As Visionquester said "This to shall pass" and it has.

With all that said i'm working my tail off the next 6 weeks! I HAVE to! I'm about 10 lbs heavier than I was last time around at 6 weeks out. Of course I probably gained 10 on the cruise ;) I would like to believe it's all muscle! Think positively LOL! Fake it till ya make it!

This weekend I have a posing class with Jennifer Gates WOO! She told me to wear a bikini or a sports bra with short shorts! OMG! I'm NOT wearing my bikini especially in front of her, and I don't own any short shorts that fit me right now anyway YIKES!! It will be a blast though :) I remember classes last year were awesome!

I'm off half a day today and Boomer and I just got back from Squirrel Park. I did 45mins of cardio this morning and I have a chest workout and another 45 left to go! I thought of taking a nap but i'm not tired darnit! I don't want to do my workouts yet because I like to stay on my schedule.

My friend Louisa and I are going to the batting cages this weekend...this will be interesting. If there only one person in the world least athletic than me it's her LOL!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes you did make it seem easy last time! I was all like omg she is a rockstar! lol...I still think that no worries and OMG how cool you get to pose with her~Awesome! No doubt you be ready in no time and like a candy bar you can say~look it's the new improved April now with 10% more muscle...haha sorry my brain is foggy and I'm HUNGRY!

Lori said...

You are going to be ready. Just believe that and move forward knowing that. Yes, we all go through that. WOW, it's a mess on teh mind isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm going through a mind freak right now and I'm not even competing! You will be fine. You're gonna kick ass on that stage and you know it! Have fun this weekend in the batting cages!

Visionquester said...

Oh girl... I saw Jen at the Motor City show and she was THE most natural looking poser on stage.. very fortunate you are!

Also... remember watch the ball hit your bat. Watch it all the way in. Don't blink, don't take your eye off of it.

How much fun!!! We may have to seek out some batting cages as well!!!


Visionquester said...

Please find out what kind of fabric Jen has on her teal two piece. It has such a nice sheen to it. Some say velvet...but I don't know.


Tina said...

Wow, I love Jenn, that is awesome, and I too have admired that suit!!

Batting cages, ummm, now I'm sure I would make you both look athletic!! And my son is a star pitcher and home run hitter, guess he didn't get that from me!! He tells me to forget it, I throw like a girl!!

It does sound like you are getting that fire back. I do remember reading about some of your tears last year, so when they happen to me I think, about how April made it through, and most of the time she made it sound like so much fun, and it is!! But its good to show the mental side of things, cause it happens to all of us, even if your not a competitor!! But mostly, my favorite part is watching you and Tony sculpt your physique, now that is awesome!! Can't wait to follow the art transform this time ;)

sunniejane said...

Girl! you will get there with Tony! Trust him.
Enjoy your classes.

Tearose said...

Heh I know how you feel, I am meeting with my posing coach next weekend and I need to war tight shorts and a tank top,I have to o buy those tomorrow because I don't own shorts! for a reason!