Sunday, April 20, 2008


The weekend is almost over :( It's warm here but the sun's not out POO! I've burned over 7000 cals in workouts this week. I'm freaking wore out! I drank some coffee this afternoon and then took a nap. I also weighed myself and shouldn't have. It made my day crap until I took my dog out for a walk and cleared my mind. I look so much better than I did last year at this weight. Yesterday was my high carb day so i'm gonna weigh in the morning since today is my lower one and see if that helps? Why does this have to be so mentally challenging? Why can't I just be happy with myself? BECAUSE I HAVE TO FIT IN THAT SMALL BLUE SUIT AGAIN IN 6 WEEKS!!!!! I was feeling like i'm looking less bloated and i'm starting to see my abs again so that's good I think???

Mike is leaving for Seattle on Wednesday and he'll be gone for a week :( I'll miss that guy. It'll make working out easier though because I won't feel like i'm ignoring him like I usually do. He totally understands though which is good.

Okay can you tell it's low carb day? I'm in a gloomy mood today huh? I need to call Tony I think.


Tina said...

Ah girl I feel for you...I bet your just having one of those days!! AND STAY OFF THAT SCALE!! I'm serious!! The scale isn't really that important, I'm still the same weight, and my clothes, the skinny ones are falling off of me, the scale is clueless :) I was nervous about the carbs too, but it's working even though the scale doesn't get it!! I think it's time to set a date for pictures and get fired up to knock everyones socks off...we are all waiting for updated pictures ;) I can't tell you how fun it was to watch you transform the first time...And now you have more muscle, we want to see it all ripped up!! I think time alone will be just what you need to focus on just you!! If your lonely or bored you can call me!! You've got my # :)

April said...

Thanks Tina :) You almost made me cry and that's hard to do! I talked to Tony today and he told me to STAY POSITIVE! Once negative thoughts start happening you can't progress as well. I told him I was feeling great until I got off the scale. He said keep up what i'm doing all week and he wants a weigh in Saturday and pictures and he knows I will be feeling better. One week on the diet isn't enough for the fat to fall off especially after a cruise. He told me to keep my chin up :) It's amazing how much better he makes you feel. Thanks again for the cheer up comment! I'm actually smiling now !!!

Tina said...

I'm glad your felling better, and everything makes me cry :) I think we've all been there and it sucks!! Tony really does know how to make a girl feel better :) It must be all that Italian charm...he can't help it... he was born to charm!! Plus he is the king of motivation!! He knows your body and how to get it there, you just follow his lead like you've done before!! Thank you girl for inspiring me....and for sending me to the best trainer there is!! You rock!! So what did you find at Target!! We seriously need to shop together sometime... I'm a Target girl too!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you talked to Tony and that he cleared it all up for you. LOVE THAT MAN. I'm sure when he was born he charmed the pants off of all the docs and nurses!

You look beautiful and lean, and I can't wait for updated pics too! I'm sure all that beautiful muscle that you've been building is just waiting to come show itself off!

Visionquester said...

This too shall pass...
it always does.