Saturday, August 30, 2008

2 weeks out-----114.8

I'm slowly but surely getting there!

Check this out LOL! This was really sort of what I looked like then too...scary!

Friday, August 29, 2008


I took some pictures yesterday. It's still TOM and i've ate 6 meals and 8L of water. That should make the next set better I hope :)

I've got A LOT of work to do in the next two weeks. People are starting to tell me i'm getting to thin so that's always a good sign. They're all wondering where the 8 lbs I want to lose will come from. You see the pics HA! ;) My butt will ALWAYS be my problem. I'm not worried too much about the pooch and hips. My body did really well during that last week last year so stay tuned...........

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So yesterday I did an all liquid diet. I DID get an apple though WOO! Tony called me and told me to have 1 TBSP of PB with my apple. I told him that is not a good idea. He said why not? So I explained that I do not keep PB in my house because I can't control myself AT ALL. So instead I took half a scoop of whey and made a fondue and dipped my apple in it LOL! I feel good though because I just know the PB would have been a BAD idea. I wasn't hungry at all yesterday either which was great!

I feel great today! I had my chest workout and I saw a vein! It's not hard considering I hardly have any fat there ;) I also am seeing my abs veins again. I'm getting super pumped up now! I'm no pro and never plan on it but i'm feeling great again :) My hips are still fat but they'll go eventually. This weekend i'm gonna cut stuff out like splenda, mustard, crystal light shhh....and maybe tomatoes?? It's the little things that really help. Remember this is for a contest and I don't recommend this for a person with a life HA! I'm skipping out going to the Lake this weekend because of my show for obvious reasons. As mentioned if you like having a life than competing is not for you. Or if you are freak of nature like Visionquester and still able to eat good things every now and again than good for you. Or if you have an iron man will power than have at it. For me i'm locking the doors for the next 2 weeks! Of course 2 weeks ago you could have sat a chocolate cake in front of me and I would have been fine. It's weird how you tastes change so much.

Tony also reminded me today about how well my body responds to the dry out....let's hope it happens this time too!!!

Okay time to get back on the treadmill!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


This is not a post of comparing my pics or anything but the way I felt yesterday vs. today.

I woke up yesterday and weighed myself...116.4 WTF?? Oh well no biggie at least it was a drop. I have been 100% clean, getting in ALL 3 of my workouts and only a .2 lbs drop. Then it happened....Aunt Flo arrived. Sphew, that explains it I think. Last year during comp I didn't have a period 2 months prior which explains why I had ZERO cravings. This time around I admit it's tougher. All I can say is thank goodness for chocolate protein powder and cocoa.

I went to Target and then took my dog for a walk. It was a great heart pumping walk. When I got home I got this feeling of being VERY tired. I laid on the couch. My husband thought I was dying because that never happens LOL! He got me some blankets and a pillow and I just laid there and fell back asleep. I attempted my bi/tri/ab workout and probably need to do it again today because I wasn't feeling it. I only had one more workout to get done and ugh...I was dreading it. So I got my shoes on and hopped on the treadmill. My legs felt like lead and I lasted 10 mins. Seriously I got off the thing and went and laid back down. I did NOT want to workout. I never take rest days but i'll consider yesterday as that.

This morning I woke up and felt tired still. Oh no, I cannot have another day like yesterday. So my husband and I went to the track and took our dog of course ;) I ran the stairs and did sprints and now I feel great! My poor dog didn't know what to do. Mike was running around the track and I was on the bleachers. LOL! She was confused. Her trying to get up the bleachers was hilarious too, she kept slipping. I was kind of worried about her but she's still alive. Then we took her to the creek to get some water and walk around. Of course she needs a bath now ugh...So anyway that's my past two days. I'm hoping for more like today WOO!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Checking in from Cardio Land!

Hey Ladies! I'm still around :) I got put on double cardio Monday so it's about all I have time for. That and preparing my foods WOO! I'm still eating my cup of oats in the morning shhhh....don't remind Tony. Actually i'm sure that's about to stop anytime now. I have 2 different types of cardio that i'm doing right now. The first hour is incline work and the second are intervals. The second one doens't have to be a full hour but I really love watching Reba so I typically stay the full hour. The inclines are AWESOME! Don't get me wrong I feel like i'm gonna puke but nothing else is gonna help this huge butt of mine.

Mon~Wed I was feeling sick to my stomach. I thought it was my multivitamin so I quit taking it. Well I think it was the other vitamin because I was still sick after not taking the multi. I love the other vitamin because it makes my pee look like Mt. Dew. So now I have clear pee again :( I feel TERRIFIC now though! I'm not really craving anything but I get bored at work and just stare at that M&M machine. I only stare though :) I can't wait to attack it after this show! Not really...it's amazing the stupid thoughts that got through your head when you're trying to get REALLY lean.

Okay that's all I have to report. Time to get on the tready and hopefully get this fat off my body! 22 day eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

4 weeks to go!

I forgot to weigh myself this morning like an idiot. Oh well, I took some pics tonight to send to Tony. These are after eating 6 meals and drinking 5L of water ;) I'm noticing small changes mostly in the backside. It still needs lots of work but with this new cardio regimen Tony gave me i'm excited to see the results! I was looking at old pics and the changes from 2 weeks to show day are amazing. I'm hoping for the same results this time around. Last time I wasn't eating this much and really didn't drop that much water. Maybe this time i'll have a miracle? Stacey can I borrow that Magic Wand?

I still have the butt shelf but i'm serious this time. I KNOW I will get there, I believe in myself unlike last go around.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Still kickin!

I'm still going! My break last week really killed the pump I had though. I'm starting to get my groove back now. I think i'm about 4 lbs heavier than I was at this time last year 4.5 weeks out...BUT...i'm eating more and only doing 1 extra hour of cardio still. I'm trusting Tony knows what he's doing. I'm not sure what my body will do though YIKES!!! I did see some abs veins after my workout today though WOO! There not phenomonal yet or anything but i'll take them.

My energy was non existent today. I woke up tired and i'm still kind of tired. Not sure what that's all about. I'm not drinking coffee 3 x's a day anymore so that could be it??

I was suppose to talk with Tony Tuesday but still haven't. I guess I should give him a buzz.

I took my sister to the mall last night and bought her some new contacts. Afterwards she asked if I wanted to go to Panera Bread and eat something. That was a big NO. She said she wishes I could be normal but she knows this is just another way for me to feel good about having an eating disorder. Wow, she really does understand me. I don't know what I would do without her.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thanks for all the anniversary wishes, we had a great time! Thursday we hung out at the pool and went to the workout room. It was awesome! Then Friday we went to the amusement park...i'm getting old. First off when I do roller coasters I don't eat the entire day. I know, I know that's not good when you're in training. I was up 2 lbs on Saturday from NOT eating. I didn't get to drink my 2 gals of water either EEK!! Oh well i'm back on track now.

5 weeks out! I just wish my arms were more toned. I know they'll get there eventually. I mean I never thought my legs or abs would look like they do either right??

Mike and I are taking Boomer hiking this morning! That is my favorite workout because even though it's the toughest it doesn't last forever like the treadmill.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

9 years :)

Today is mine and Mike's 9th year anniversary! We're going to stay at Homewood Suites tonight in Cincinnati and then tomorrow we're headed to KingsIsland!

I weighed 116.6 this morning! My dog and I started walking this morning and got a little tag along. It was a Siberian Husky with pure white eyes. She was so pretty and couldn't have been over a year old. She followed us home and we had her in our backyard but she escaped LOL!

My shorts that I couldn't wear on my cruise are falling off of me now WOO! Well I could have worn them but I like my stuff baggy.

I'll be 5 weeks out this weekend so no funnel cakes for me tomorrow :) Boy that makes me sick just thinking about it barf!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Just thought I'd post something at least. I really enjoyed my b-day cake on Sunday :) I only had 1 tiny piece and my willpower was in overdrive! I did have some peanut M&M's too. I was so tired yesterday and I think it was all the sugar leaving my system. I went to bed at 8p last night and slept right through my morning cardio and woke up at 5:45a. I did do it tonight though! My weight was up
.6 lbs Monday morning but I weighed this morning and i'm back at 117.2 LOL!

I got my new meal plan from Tony Sunday! I was expecting the drop in oats etc...but it's actually MORE food! It's like to good to be true! For those of you that followed my first journey and my second attempt you know that I did TONS of cardio and my 1/2 cup of oats turned into 1/3 cup and so on...well this time is totally different. I really hope it works because I feel great!

Thanks for the post about my tiny waist. It's really all i've got to cling onto. My hips are holding fat big time grrr....I know it'll go though. I really need to start focusing on my shoulders. After this show i'll have a talk with Tony about that. I try and try but you just can't see them. I can see them but when I pose they disappear.

I should be getting my car tomorrow! I'll be sad giving mine up :( At least I sold it to a guy I work with so I know where it'll be.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

6 weeks out!

I weighed in at 117.2 this morning Woo! I am still eating tons of carbs and only doing 1 hour extra cardio. It's like now my body is starting to respond FINALLY!

I also sold my car yesterday! Mine should be in Monday or Tuesday YIPPEE! I'll miss my car though :(


I was tagged by Michelle

6 Random Facts About Me:

1. I have a huge family, 50 cousins on my dad's side. We're not having a reunion this year due to the flood destroying the park :( This is the only time I ever see my family on his side even though we all live in a 30 mile radius. I wish as I had gotten older I had stayed closer to them.

2. When I get real drunk I piss myself...yes I said it.

3. I have to have my radio and air/heat turned off before I shut my car off. When I get into someone's car and they start it and there vents are on it drives me crazy.

4. I am a huge hermit. If I lived in a cabin on a mountain I would be happy.

5. One time in elementary school I was playing on the rings and fell on my face. I had a bloody nose and fat lip. I remember my mom coming to pick me up :)

6. I am a huge animal lover. I don't like to see stories about animals being hurt etc...now people being hurt doesn't phase me LOL!