Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Feeling it!

I'm down .8 lbs today since Saturday WOO! Of course then today I ate a few truffles and some nuts :) LOL! I'm just trying to see what I can get away with but that's about to stop darnit! I need to lose a little more fluff so I can eat next week. I'm gonna eat no matter what but i'd feel better if the scale was a tad lower. Don't go by the scale..I know, I know. I HAVE to get a bit below 115 though to keep TOM away ;)

I talked with Tony yesterday and he made me feel much better. I am ready to get serious again and he pretty much talked me out of a really strict diet right now...Love him! Next week we're gonna do a bit of macro shifting to prepare for Christmas YIPPEE! My workouts have been awesome lately and i'm sure it's because i'm eating more and not doing a lot of cardio. I miss the cardio though so i'm gonna at least get a walk in before work in the mornings.

Urologist's visit didn't go that well. Nothing too serious but I need to have surgery in the nether regions UGH....I'm not sure when yet but you better believe the first thing I asked was about exercise. No restrictions there...just no sex for 2 weeks YIPPE...I mean darn :(


Becca said...

No sex for 2 weeks!? Yikes!!
Also, you're the complete opposite of me. How someone can miss cardio is beyond my brain's comprehension. Make sure to get the surgery out of the way before the cruise!!! :)

Tracy said...

I feel ya chickie!!!!! My eating stinks! But I have a new diet starting tomm.

JOLT said...

Yeah I'm having some diet issues and going down in weight I feel ya on the diet and sorry to hear about the surgery I've had some issues around there too with similar restrictions kind of sucked .. Good Luck I'll be thinking about you


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about the diet and the weight monitoring...I'm pretty much the same. It seems like EVERY TIME I start my new diet I have some predicament that enables me from going through with the gym. Like my eye this week. I mean, of course I'm going to make IT a priority and take care of my health before anything else but still. Sometimes we just gotta get sick I guess! Everyone's prayers sure helped, I couldn't have gotten better without everyone. I've prayed for your little surgery issue. I think it'll be one of those things that sound scary but are like no big deal...our "nether regions" heal super fast so most likely it wont even be a couple days before you can workout again. As for the sex-thing, oh well. That's why we have awesome fellas in our lives that totally understand!!! Gotta take care of YOU baby girl! Let me know if you need anything-I'd totally be up for running to greenwood to take care of u!


Anonymous said...

ugh I hate anything to do with doctors messing with my nether regions! At least it's nothing too serious and you can get it out of the way so you don't have to worry about anymore! Woot!

C2 said...

It is kind of funny how we all don't want ANYTHING to mess with our exercise routine or eating habits. I FREAKED out when my hubby put a banana in my protein pancakes! :)

As you can see it didn't kill me!


~ Elizabeth

B said...

I have issues with my kidneys I am working on but they said nothing about sex so you win!