Sunday, December 14, 2008

Report Card

I was RAVENOUS Friday night and yesterday. I could not get full for anything! Normally when I eat I don't get full but then again i'm not hungry afterwards. Friday night I was gonna eat a turkey burger and green beans but had to have something else so I made some yam fries...a bunch of them :) Saturday I woke up STARVING! I ate my oats and eggs...still hungry. I went and watched Mike run a 5K in 20 degree weather and that kept my mind off of it. Then throughout the day I just could not satisfy my hunger. I ate rice, MRP to make myself think I was having a shake and maybe that would do it, then I even ate a bowl of cereal with water because milk has sugars and carbs. That's how my stupid mind thinks.

Last night was our company Christmas Party. I wasn't gonna go but at the last minute I decided what the heck. All week I would grade my eating somedays as an A- and then others as a B-. I've been actually doing good and feeling better about my body. I was losing weight, ounces not pounds but at least that's something. My abs are visible again and i'm seeing my little shoulders cuts. My thighs are bigger now and the love handles are slowly showing. I need to put a STOP to that. I'm not worried about the legs because they aren't really "big" and I don't need them to look like toothpicks until comp day. Good thing because that is the ONLY time they are thin HA! Now my pooch is another story. It has a mind of it's own. It's really funny looking right now and feels all watery YIKES!

So anyway at the Christmas party I give myself a C on the food I ate only because the chicken was smothered in some sort of sauce, I had a piece of bread, and green bean almondine which had to have something bad on it because it was SO good. I'm use to eating green beans straight from the can(don't hurl Angela). Then comes dessert...need I type anymore? FAILED!!! Oh boy it was YUMMY though! There was some sort of flourless chocolate cake and it was all fudgy and cakey at the same time mmmmm.....It was a nice meal but now i'm back to eating good the rest of the week. Remember my mentality about the milk...doesn't apply to chocolate. I knew I shouldn't have gone. BUT, it tis the season to enjoy your friends and family and i'm not going to dwell on it.

So today I woke up and i'm feeling good. I didn't eat breakfast first thing because I wasn't hungry. I went to Target instead. I need to do my bi/tri workout and may throw some extra cardio in there. I'm taking the fur girl to Petsmart today.

Tomorrow I have to go to a urologist...ugh....i'm scared.

****you may think oh she ate rice, cereal and an MRP and she thinks that's bad. Truth is Mike had polished off the Tostios or I would have eaten those. I do not keep things in my house or I WOULD eat that comfort stuff. Thought about buying some Wheat Thins at Target but even though they are in Mike's goody cabinet I would end up eating them LOL!****


Becca said...

Your metabolism must be flying!
Anyway, I've eaten cereal with water before too, that's how you know you're desperate, lol! Hey, it's ok to enjoy a Christmas party every now and then...The week is coming and if you eat A- the entire week you'll feel great by Friday. :)

On the misery loves company tip, I ate pizza, and a dozen (no- seriously) mini-choc.chunk cookies yesterday, and nachos with sour cream and queso. do you feel better now? :P

sunniejane said...

Hey, you have to have a life at least once in awhile. Don't dwell just get back at it.

Tina said...

Keep training hard...and the eating will come once we get through the holidays :)Just make sure you are getting in your protein every couple of hours, so you are building muscle! I can't wait till we meet up again at the Arnold...I miss you already!! Have to email today :)