Saturday, December 20, 2008

Loving the Holidays!

My kitchen is all stocked up for baking this week WOO! I love this time of year and lately i've really been in the Christmas spirit. I've been letting cars out in front of me, buying things that people NEED instead of buying unneccesary stuff for myself, and I went shopping with my mom, at night.

I had a card from VS from buying something from there last month. All I needed to do was buy something from Dec 1~Dec 24 to redeem. It would be worth $10, 50, 100 or $500. I told Jodi I wish is was worth $500 so I could buy my sister a bunch of bras to support her DD's. So I went in to buy some shower gel and I had a $50 winner! I thought for sure it would only be $10 or else I wouldn't have gotten the gel HA! So I bought my sister a bra. I call it 2 tarps and a bungee cord...she loves that. She will be so happy at Christmas!

I ran a 2 miler in 18:42 this afternoon! I NEVER just run. I've never really tried to see what I can do it in but I was happy with myself. Now my goal is going to be to do it in under 17! Of course Mike does a 5K in 19 mins LOL!

I think i'm starting to talk myself out of this surgery i'm suppose to have Jan 15th. Has anyone else had surgery on there "female" parts that can reassure me.


Marissa said...

That is what my kitchen looks like! We are baking today and I can't eat any till Christmas Eve! oooo this will be a tough one!

JocelynD said...

HA I have your spice rack! I have a lot of goodies too, LOVE baking :) Great time on the 2 miler!

Colette said...

Looks similar to my kitchen right now too. Yummmmmm

Jessica said...

Holiday baking!! So much fun! :) Enjoy!

I have not had the surgery you speak of.....however I can tell you that you are surrounded by love from all of us and I know everything will workout for you! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my my!!!! Holiday foods!!! OI!!! I had too much of it last year and It makes me not really want it this year!!! We've had a VAT of fudge sitting on our counter all day yesterday and today and I've not touched it-amazing...but that's because I haven't had "just one piece." Because I CANNOT eat just one!!!! So, I wont have ne!!!

I'm glad you're having a great time. Its awesome when you can get your family stuff that they NEED and want. Its so much more important sometimes yanno!!!! I have more fun buying people gifts than getting them. Its just so exciting to get people things they DESERVE and NEED. I loooooove it!!!! I could easily spend 10k at Christmas!!!!

I think Danielle and I are going to make Buckeyes tomorrow and I'm gonna send some home with her :). I dont want ne of those either...I think I'm over sweets for a while!

Eileen said...

I have not had urological surgery, but I did have a hysterectomy (with an abdominal incision) and it was No Big Deal.

Being fit before the surgery made a huge, huge difference in my healing. The doctor was amazed at how fast I healed.

Since you are saying your dr said you could work out in two weeks...I would think that it's a pretty easy surgery to recover from. I'm not sure what the surgery is that you're considering...but if you are dealing with a problem and it can be fixed, why not fix it?

Becca said...

Hey! Wow, I'm in the Christmas spirit too! Have been for a few weeks now - that is great. I guess I don't know enough about which kind of surgery you're having, email me if you feel like sharing details as I have had some work done, lol.

I AM JEALOUS about your VS secret santa card! BOO!!! I had one but of course it was only worth 10. So nice of you to buy a bra for your sis, cause they're expensive there! :) aw, sweeite!

C2 said...

Christmas baking, yummy! :)

I have a few of those VS cards as well and was planning on going in to the store tomorrow... We shall see if you brought me good luck! :)

Merry Christmas.

~ Elizabeth


Lori said...

I WISH my kitchen looked like that, but no it's all chicken and sweet potatoes.

Do the surgery. It will be nothing. DO IT! If you don't it will always be bugging you. Just do it and take care of it and have it behind you.

B said...


Merry Christmas April!

Anonymous said...

Too funny about the bra. Like Jocelyn, I HAD that spice rack too, but I just kept the little bottles and got rid of the rack. Took up too much space on my counter!

Merry Christmas girl! Have a wonderful Holiday!