Monday, June 1, 2009


Cream of Wheat in my tummy, Cream of Wheat it's so yummy!

Told you i'm LOVING this diet right now LOL! A few months ago I asked Tony if I could eat this to switch things up. He says not yet. So now on this kick butt diet I get it! Only today but still it's a start ;)

My workouts and cardio sessions have been killer! Now I love when the fitness girls posts their workouts and then I can attempt them :) Thanks Em, Lishia, and Jenn!


Anonymous said...

Mmmm, I used to LOVE me some COW! My Mommy used to make it in the mornings before school. She'd put some milk (whole!!) and a sprinkle of Brown Sugar and a pat of butter. It was HEAVEN. I substituted ONE time COW for Oatmeal and told Tony and he was like NOPE, won't do! Must go back to Oatmeal! :) ENJOY!!!