Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Amazing Sniffer

I was out at the park walking Boomer this morning and it smelled like honeysuckle and it brought back some great memories. Memories of being young and reading my scratch and sniff books. I love it when you smell something and it brings back awesome memories. Especially those when you were little and didn't have a worry in the world.

My diet right now is AWESOME!!!!! OMG!!! The best part is i'm feeling leaner! Not to mention my cardio sessions have been off the chain! I actually ate a sandwich yesterday...yes bread. The ironic thing is I also got a rice cake with PB. I ONLY get rice cakes on show days and yesterday would have been my show day LOL! I haven't weighed though. I figured as long as i'm sticking to plan it shouldn't matter.


Nerd Girl said...

oh how i miss bread haha.

Becca said...

Good for you!! I'm happy youre feeling leaner! wanna send some of that momentum my way??

Kelly Olexa said...

I'm so the same way about smells = and also SONGS. Songs make me remember times like nothing else.

Keep rockin girl.