Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Happy Place

I haven't weighed in a few weeks and I SWEAR i'm happier and leaner! Not knowing what that number is helps my mental state. Sure it may come back to bite me in the ass but the freedom is nice right now. My clothes are loser and i'm eating things I never thought I would get to have! I love Tony...right now LOL!

I've been going by my measurements. Isn't that little girl cute, I swear that looks like me when I was that age...measuring myself ugh.

Measurments 5/31


Measurements 3/16


So something is happening and i'm really pleased with my body right now. Sure being show ready and 107 lbs is when i'm happiest...or is it? Right now and especially since I don't have the $$$ to compete i'm content. I'm not settling or maintaing though! I'm killing my workouts and loving the carbs WOO! This is NOT a bulk phase. This is a show my fat cells whose boss phase!

Man, I want this DVD so bad. Not having money SUCKS! I need a sugar daddy LOL!


CathyC said...

good for you April, that meal plan sounds impressive can you give me some food ideas or advice you seem so happy, thanks for sharing!
the little girl looks adorable! My email is catherinecirella@yahoo.ca

Becca said...


Angela said...

that little girl is cute :) It does remind me of you...LOL! enjoy it while you can...cause if you decide to do another show....

Melissa Cunningham said...

awww,such a cute picture of that little girl!funny you posted this bc i measured myself this AM and my daugther watched me do it-now she has been carring the measuring tape around wth her asking me to check her muscles!LOL!just hope it doesnt give her any complexes later in life....
anyways,good job on sticking with the measurements and NOT focusing on the scale....i do the exact same thing..last time i weighed was in march-well take that back it was end of april,stepped on it once-a good number!,had to double check so i stepped on again and said a number 12 lbs HIGHER than the first..that completely ruined my day and week-so now i have vowed to NEVER get on that damn sclae again! i cant take the mind games!!!now i just guess at what i weigh based on my measurements-i know what my weight was on stage at the indy show and i know the corresponding measurements-THAT is my guide now-not that %$%$#@#$^&^&@! scale!LOL!!! so keep up your hard work! proud of you girlie!!!

Tracy said...


I wish I enjoyed WO DVDs. But I DO someday want a complete home gym. I just can't work around the gyms hours.

*ANA* said...

awesome measurements april im happy for you!

Anonymous said...

So happy for you April! I've been staying away from the scale but for VERY different reasons. It might be helpful if I STEPPED on it!

Anonymous said...

What's really SAD is that I used to measure and weigh myself AT THAT AGE and I was probably skinnier than that tiny girl on ur picture...awful isn't it!?