Saturday, June 6, 2009


Woo! Today is sandwich Saturday! I LOVE Saturdays...especially when they involve sandwiches hee hee :) It is SO nice out here today. We had a garage sale and made $62! Now i'm gonna load up all the rest of the junk and take it to Goodwill. I'm going to sale my books at Half Price Books and make some more cash.

I need to do my bi/tri workout today. I just REALLY hate that workout. I would rather do an hour of cardio.

I almost weighed myself this morning. My stomach was empty I felt lean and I was curious. Then I thought again why does that stupid number even matter? If it's not what I want it to be then my day would be ruined so I didn't get on the scale.

My mom gave me her Rockin Roller to sale today. The lady that bought it looked at me and said it must work because you're skinny. I just smiled. What I really wanted to say was, this piece of junk won't work for anyone! Did you eat McD's for breakfast this morning? I did walk to McD's this morning to get Mike a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and some dollars for our sale. It felt good to buy that and be healthy and thin. No one knew that is wasn't for me. I was that "she's lucky" girl for a minute. I hate when people say i'm lucky because I'm thin and don't have to worry about things. HELLO!!!! Maybe I should tell them to read my blog and they will find out it takes work and I am a mental case!!!


Nerd Girl said...

hahah your too funny! all of us that are into this damn sport are a mental case. it is more of a "who can stay most sane through all this work" competition. When people say "your so tiny im jealous!!" i just wish i could throw some of my thoughts into their heads for a moment..they would probably re-think that statement immediately haha

Melissa Cunningham said...

LOL!!! I love reading your posts! makes me feel like im not alone here! so agreeing with lizzy (nerd girl) on this one...if only other pople knew half the battle of what we face in our minds!!! augh! BUT on a more positive note, i do have to say kudos to you for NOT stepping on the scale today! :) gotta start somewhere to help keep the mind games at bay.your on the right track girlie,keep it up!!!!!

Becca said...

YEah, I hate the "She's lucky" comments. PLease, if you only knew!!!

CathyC said...

Actually in public I get "wow you eat a lot for a small person" ...yeah well.. I almost starve the rest of the week! lol!!