Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Official

Tony is trying to KILL me!! :) I love it though!

I'm going strong and eating clean and getting my extra carido in. Since i'm eating pretty high carbs for my body type right now i'm excited to see what happens to my body when and if they get cut out. I'm really happy that my body is using these carbs right now instead of storing them as fat. Of course I hate the fat on my hips but really I did look like this:

When I get the "i'm fat" feelings i'll just look at this. My body is going to go through ups and even downs but I will NEVER look like that again!!!


Tearose said...

Thats right! You have come a long way and you look amazing! You have a Dreambodies Jacket?! How does one get one of those? Have a great day April :D

Anonymous said...

Yup, I think he's tryin' to kill me too!!! My whole upper body is sore. But, everytime I compare my before and afters, it's ALL so worth it. LOVE that man!

Ruby said...

An amazing transformation! You look great April!

Colette said...

It's nice to have a past picture to look back on if you need some motivation ;) Although, that pic isn't that bad to be honest, but you have definately transformed ;)

C2 said...

We all go through the up and down days Sweets. Just don't stay down too long.... you know we are all here to support your cute little self! xoxo

~ Elizabeth

Lori said...

You are so adorable!!! You really are. Well we have the same comp date so we can keep each other going.