Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pics this weekend :)

Talked with Tony today and he wants pictures this weekend. This is when i'm thinking why did I eat those nuts yesterday? Well I have 2 more days to drink plenty of water and eat clean clean clean and see what happens.

I've been taking the Fibersure 3x's a day. I'm gonna cut it down to 2 and see if that helps. That stuff has 6g of carbs per tbsp! I guess i'll have to cut it out eventually too :)

I've been doing lots of butt exercises. Okay so I was doing them but now my butt is sore! I say out loud squeeze the butt with every rep. Well Mike caught on and feels it is okay now to squeeze my butt for me whenever he walks by LOL! I have to pretend like i'm mad about you know ;)


Melissa H said...

3x a day! Holy crap, I'd never leave the bathroom! LOL I take it that you've cut out a lot of your greens? Between those and the flax oil, I never have a problem. (TMI!) ;-)

I only wish that dh would be interested in the butt. At least that's behind you. Hard to get things done when dh is grabbing at the breasts! lol

(I'd kill for your abs, btw....)

Colette said...

Funny about hubby! Mine always grabs it when I walk by, stand at a counter, or just getting up from the couch. If it's in reach, he's there LOL

So are you now not getting ANY carbs in?? How does your body function ;)