Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Peanuts that is! I couldn't stop eating them today! I'm not sure why either? I'm not starving and my diet has a ton of food on it(right now). It's like I start to lose weight so I think, some peanuts won't hurt. When I first started losing I would have NEVER touched anything that was not on the paper Tony gives me! Dang nuts! Okay so I will be better now because I only have 9.5 weeks to go! I really need to weigh myself to get a reality check. The only thing is when I wake up i've been feeling bloated lately. It may be from the Fibersure but that stuff is working like a charm so I don't mind. So maybe I won't take it Friday night and then weigh myself Saturday just to see where I stand. I'm just glad I can see my abs again woo! My hips and thighs will come with time :)


Anonymous said...

Me too!!! When I first started with Tony, there was NO WAY, I was straying from his meal plan. I followed it to the letter! Now, I think well, I look good a little of this and a little of that, won't hurt right? Yeah, right. Well, I'm adhering to his plan to the letter again. Gotta be strong, right? Oooh! Abs!! I wanna see my Abs!!

Colette said...

Well, look at those peanuts as more energy for tomorrow's workout ;)

Why don't you take the fibersure in the mornings??

As far as your abs go, you have very kick-ass abs in my opinion ;)