Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yep, that came out of Tony's mouth. This weekend I can have fruit WOO! I will be going to the lake cottage and packing all my foods. I will be taking cans of chicken, tuna, green beans and protein powder. Luckily there is a Bob Evan's not too far so i'll just dump the powder in my oats I get from there and call it breakfast :) This is the same place I

lost it
last year...oh boy...I plan on being strong this time. I mean I was strong last time and didn't give in but I was also in tears.

Workouts have been great and i'm doing an hour in the mornings also. I hope my body is starting to work again. It was just stuck for awhile.

Since i'll be 10 weeks out it's probably not a good time for cocktails huh? I'm trying to get that through my mind :)


Trojan said...

You are so much stronger(menatally) this time...go for it girl!

Lori said...

cocktails!!! I am 10 weeks out and I was thinking teh same thing. On KS Weekend he let me have ONE then to drink alot of water. Wonder if I can have two and drink a lake???