Sunday, January 25, 2009

30 Years Young!

You know you're old when your little sister is turning 30!! Happy B-day Rachel :D

I had a great time yesterday at the mall with Jodi :) Thanks for the peppermint coffee it's the BOMB!!! I didn't feel like trying on clothes since i'm fluffy so I got a hat and hair accessories instead.

Oh another reason i'm not trying on clothes is I took a 5% paycut yesterday grrr....I'm still employed though so I guess I should be thankful for that?? I'm thinking of going back to school for medical coding. Mike's mom does that and LOVES it! Plus that's a job that will always be needed no matter what the economy is going through. I went through this crap in 2000 also. Should have got out then.

My workouts have been sporadic lately in strength. Shoulder day went well, chest day ROCKED, legs pathetic, bicep same and today i'm doing triceps. I love when I don't have bi's and tri's together.

So i'm venturing off to my sister's b-day party this afternoon. I don't need to tell you all i'm not having cake...you know me by now ;)


Sunnie said...

April! I was thinking of doing Medical coding too because I could work from home. I guarantee you that anything to do with the medical field is going to be around for a long time. I mean just look at people and they love to go to the doctor. I have been looking into it a little bit.

I love the pic, you two look just alike. It is the eyes. You are both adorable.

Anonymous said...

That picture is absolutely awesome!

And hmmmm Medical Coding...maybe that's something I should look into...see what u started April lol!!!

Jessica said...

Hey girl...I am so sorry about the 5% paycut. I work for an advertising agency and all of our clients are cutting back. We have been on a salary freeze for about 6 months now and will be for the rest of the year. While it SUCKS, it is way better than the alternative which is massive layoffs. Yahoo froze salaries on Friday as well so I guess we're not alone.

Have a great time at your sisters and don't worry about your workouts not "rockin it" but you will get it back girl...be patient and let your body keep healing.


Forever Fitness said...

I went to work in health insurance, and it's GROWING right now. The job I left just started lay offs for the first time.

It's a scary world right now

Anonymous said...

I KNEW you'd love that coffee HAHAHAHAHA

Krissa said...

So your LITTLE sister turned 30? So how old are you? I thought you were in your 20'S????

Medical coding would be a good choice. Anything in the health care field would be a good choice. Ever thought of being a nurse? It is only a 2 year program as well?

Krissa said...

So I am a dork. I thought you were like 25 this whole time. I just looked at your profile. You look soooo young :)

April said...

I love you Krissa :)

Nursing is not for me! I couldn't stomach it I don't think.

Tearose said...

April I though you were like 28. Medical coding sounds interesting. Sorry to hear about the paycut, but hopefully something good will come from it all! You rock!
Oh I saw a hat last night and thought of you! It was tan but had a big skull and crossbones (like the ones here on your blog)all done in pretty silver studs so it looked blingy. :P