Friday, January 2, 2009

Game On!

I'm back! My mindset is solid and I am in control! Last night I went to my mom's for pot roast, carrots and potatoes. I willingly ate my fish and asparagus :) This wasn't actually on my plan but shoot me. I had bought some asparagus for $1.47 per lb and i'm not letting it go to waste ;)

I want my butt to look like that! I love the way my butt is right now actually. It's bigger and round and I feel like a girl. The only problem is that my love handles are bigger too ugh...I have FFS as Em would call it :) Fat Face Syndrome. My mom says I look healthier with a chubby face. So mom are you calling me chubby? I know that's not it at all but in my whacked out mind that is what I hear.

I have been talking to myself and reminding myself that it was the holidays and I needed to relax and be with family. That is true but no one put all the fudge and cookies in my mouth! Each year I get better at this lifestyle and learn new things and strategies. So April if you are reading this next year YES it's okay to indulge but there is a limit. You don't need to eat 8 cookies in one sitting just because you won't have them for awhile!!!

60 more days until the Arnold! WOO! Game is on for me! I'm on my new diet and I WILL start doing more cardio. This past week i've not been doing any only what is at the end of my workouts. Of course i'll be bed ridden for about 5-6 days after my surgery. I'm hoping for faster healing but i'm not planning on it. With my diet I should still be losing fat while being a blob in bed too.


Anonymous said...

Because of "where" the surgery is at, I think you'll heal really fast. So, just don't worry about that too much, it'll be fine! :D

Ali said...

So, are you doing the Arnold Am? I am. Woohoo!!

Jessica said...

GOOD for you on the GAME ON girl! That is awesome! :) An congrats on eating the fish and asparagus...will power sister! Just focus on healing girl. BTW, LOVE the faux magazine cover. :)


Jessica said...


Stef said...


EM :) said...

HA HA! Thanks for the FFS shoutout, even though I'm sure you're not even CLOSE.!!!
Arnold will be here before you know it! Keep working hard!
I agree about the holidays. You don't want to look back and think "wow, it sucked I couldn't relax and enjoy my time with the fam" You're fine!
HAPPY 09!!!!!!!1

JocelynD said...

That is an awesome arse eh? lol! Yeah it's hard to indulge and limit yourself (at least for ME it's hard). I am like you too with the damn love handles and lower back fat filling out when I gain just a few lbs, hate it! ANyway I'm sure you look better than you're letting on and you are your worse critic woman.

Krissa said...

This is a compliment too but you wont see it that way. You probably look great the way you are right now--with a little more meat on you. I have been where you are when you think people are telling you that you are chubby. What they mean is that you look healthy. You have turned into a pretty SMALL person. Just remember that a woman does look good with curves and some booty. Competition weight is not something to maintain.

GClef1970 said...

So, you stopped at 8 cookies? ;-) So funny that I just posted a similar mindset and now I come here and read your post from Friday. I keep reminding myself that I'm learning and growing.

I'm counting down those days with you girls!!