Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Just because I need to laugh.....

I had back with running intervals today. My husband had to pump me up for the ending cardio because I just wasn't into it?? That is SO unlike me. I lost 2 lbs this week and i'm STARVING! I eat and then i'm STARVING. I've done this long enough to know the difference between boredom and the feeling of your stomach eating your spine?? Hopefully it's the metabolism kicking in? I am eating plenty!

I cannot wait for V-day tomorrow! My husband and I have a couple of dates :) I NEVER do anything anymore. I'm not gonna cheat though. I'm having tuna and broccoli from Bonefish Grill. I plan on taking the WHOLE day off from workouts.

I can't believe the Aronld is almost here! Ugh..that means so is inventory. That is my job and it SUCKS! The way the economy is going though it might not be before long.


Tina said...

Well I'm not laughin! Seriously good god...that pic is ridiculous! I hope u had a nice Valentines day with Mike! Stacey and I know your pain right now...we had a blast but we still were draggin ass, and starving...and she'll respond to this comment I can see it now...shut up...u were eating freakin oatmeal woman!!! Don't let her fool u she was eatin almonds and jet fuel LMAO!!!! Were down to counting days least u don't have to get up on that stage...WTH!!!!