Saturday, February 28, 2009


Thanks for your comments it really helped my mental jack out :) I ate the chili today and it was YUMMY! I didn't overdo it...1 bowl and I pased on the cake. I know my body and sugar is a KILLER! The chili was a "healthier" cheat IMO. It wasn't pizza or donuts ;) I am not going out with my hubby tonight though. I told him baby steps...

I am 13 weeks out! I've really been pushing myself earlier this year and NO bulking. I'm gonna do my best to get lean before the cruise so that the May 30th show won't be iffy like last year. If I come back from the cruise 1 lb over 120 i'm not doing the show. For my husband's mind and my body I think it's best. I'm not going through what I did last year.

With that being said...game on!


Tearose said...

Have a game plan for your cruise! You can do it! I wanna see your next set of comp pics!! :D

Stef said...

Crossing my fingers for less than 120!!!!!

Can't wait to see you on Thursday!


Stef said...
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Tracy said...

Your going to be ready for that stage! Enjoy your chili, your metabolism may have needed it.

Britishlady said...

Hi there April!
Thanks for your lovely comment :) Yes, I don't think I'll have any problems in the boob department-even when I lose another 40lbs (I'm a 34 G) so I think I'll have plenty to spare lol.
Are you going to the Arnold?