Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Things are still going good here! Diet and cario and sleep....what else is there? I still feel fat though, can't wait for that to be over with.

I'm freaking out right now because Saturday we're going to Mike's parents to do our taxes. She is making chili. I hate to bring my own lunch but I guess I'll have to. It gets worse though. Mike's b-day is Friday, his friends are having a party for him Saturday night. You all know i'm a hermit and would rather just stay at home where it's safe from bad food and my meals are prepared. Not to mention I can do cardio whenever I want. How pathetic is that? How stupid do I sound? Sure in order to be a competitor you have to do things in life that most don't but seriously...this is NOT my life. I use to be fun and not worry but now it's just getting almost mental! Okay, my rant is over.

8 more days baby!! I can't wait to see Angela, Tina and Stacey again! I also can't wait to meet many of you and see Pauline Nordin in person! Seeing Monica, Jamie, Alison E, and Valerie W in person last year was just amazing! Angela and I were just in awe. That's the reason I want to stay home Saturday LOL!


Tearose said...

ooohh I'm jealous!! Your going to have a blast at the Arnold!!
I don't know what to say on the party I am the same way and whenever anything comes up my first thought is, this isn't going to interfere with my workouts and eating is it?! lol

LAT GIRL said...

Completely understand.....husband wants to vacation in June and I plan to compete in July so I'm already thinking of how I can work that one out with food and training!

Lisa T (Lat Girl)

Stef said...

If you compete, seems like THAT is your life. I can't see me being a long term competitor because I really love to socialize, cook out, drink, etc....I will abstain for this time period, but I cannot see me giving it up forever or even long term. I feel like there is no happy medium with this type of life.

Can't wait to see you next week!


Britishlady said...

Hey girlie!
Haven't visited your log for a while. You're doing awesome, and I know you're going to rock the Arnold!! Can't wait to see pics!!

Gooooo Divas!!!!!!!!!!

Kellie said...

Hey April~~

I didn't realize you were going to the Arnold also. I can't wait to meet you in person!! You have truly been an inpiration to me!! I have followed your blog for a looonnnggg time!!!

You are AWESOME and have given so many of us inspiration to plug forward!!!

Kellie in WV

Nerd Girl said...

haha i totally have that frame of mind too...i lost my job this week (it was a good thing) and the first thing i said was SWEET more time for workouts!!!

Tina said...

:) Can't wait either...still think you should have fun with Mike... I'm a bad influence I know...but it's the day to day little things that make a difference, and not going ape shit...like we did after our comp...our bodies are just too ready to sop up everything we give it...yeah not doing that this time...not doing that this time...not doing that this time...not doing that this time...you think I get it?????? I hate cardio...I'm sure I get it :)

Jessica said...

You guys are going to have SOOOOOO much fun at the Arnold. I am so jealous! And not only to see all the girls but to meet Monica or Pauline. :) So awesome.

I totally understand wanting to stay home....avoid all the bad stuff. And it SUCKS because you feel like you are some kind of spazz. But you are just trying to reach your goals! You can do this!