Friday, June 6, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Wow, what a great vacation! Normally we take cruises or just go to the beach, this vacation was the BEST by far.

We started out driving to Enterprise Alabama on Friday night leaving around 8p our time. Once you get out of Indiana everyone else is an hour behind because that is the way it should be...I hate being on Eastern time. So we drove until 2p and stopped at a rest stop and slept for 3 hours. Keep in mind we were in Mike's little BMW 330ci, not comfy for sleeping at all. We woke up and I told him we are getting too old to be doing this :) Anyway we made it there and met Zach and Amanda. Zach is Mike's old high school friend. Actually there is a core group of 10 guys he went to HS with and they are all still buds which is great. I don't talk to anyone I went to school with nor do I want to. I don't like meeting new people and although i'd met Zach like 8 years ago I had to meet his wife and snotty nosed kids. I don't get along well with women unless they are like me so thank goodness I found blogger land :) You guys can't hear me burping or farting so that's good ;)

So I met Amanda and OMG she is just like me and a southern belle sweetheart. Her boys are incredible and very well behaved and they just loved me :) I felt very at home there and I didn't want to leave. We went to Panama City Beach and stayed 2 nights at Amanda's parents condo which was unbelievable. It was on the 20th floor and I ran stairs for cardio :) The beach was great and I gots me a tan! WOO! The whole time we were heading down there I had in my mind we were leaving Tuesday night because I really didn't want to go. Well we ended up staying another night in Enterprise because we all just got along so well. I won't bore you all anymore but just wanted to let you know i'm home and back at it!!

I'll post more pics sometime!


Margarita said...

OMG - you look SO cute on that picture!! Welcome back, girl! We missed you! :-)



C2 said...

I am glad you had a great time April! :)

Colette said...

You look so beautiful!!

You deserved to have a great time, and I'm so happy that you did.

Have a wonderful weekend too, and welcome back ;)

Susan said...

Welcome back April! Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip and you look so relaxed and carefree. Time to get kick some arse girl - just a little over 97 days until OCB event.

sunniejane said...

You are both cute, cute, cute! I missed you while you were gone!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you were VERY missed while you were gone, but I'm SO glad that you had a wonderful time and that you are home safe! That picture is beautiful! What a beautiful couple you make. Can't wait for more pics!

Tracy said...

How cute are you two!

We're getting that much closer to our shows! Can't wait to meet ya.

Eve is going to Nationals said...

You look so beautiful

B said...

you look great!