Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Kicks!

I could feel some leg pain going on so I bought some new shoes today :) I've finally figured out that when my shins start to hurt that if I get new shoes that takes care of it! There no pink squirrel shoes or anything, just Brooks like I always get;)

I'm 11 weeks out today. I'm feeling good about this go around. I'm eating more, losing weight and I got my period! Last time I didn't get one from June~October, can't say I missed it but that's not natural. At least I know my body is functioning correctly right now...I wanna new drug LOL!! So I need to weigh just for kicks but since TOM is here i'll wait. Screw that...I feel good right now even though TOM is here so who cares what the scale says!

I'm finally seeing my abs again WOO!

I'm still working on that Dreambodies tank pic ;) I typically look like a scumball and I want to maybe look halfway decent for that one LOL!!


Kelly O said...

Looking FANTASTIC GIRL!!! Keep it up!!

Colette said...

You look tight! You have the tummy I want ;)

Glad you're getting your body where it should be...healthy ;) See how that works...when we aren't eating below maintence, our bodies will work with us. So happy for you!!! This will be your time for sure!!!! I feel your energy and LOVE it!

Angela said...

Hottie Hot Hot ;)

Looking good girlie :)

Trojan said...

Holy Balls girl...You are on a roll:)

Seriously looking tight and HAPPY!!!!


Tracy said...

Man, I need some abs like that!

Lori said...

I go thte tank and I got a medium and it's huge on me. I washed it and it is still huge. It said fitted so I didn't want to get it too small. Oh well.

Tina said...

You don't ever look like a scumball silly!! Cute picture, and I want to see that wedding photo in the background :)

Btw, I got the small tank and it's too small, I think Tony was trying to expand my rib cage tooooo much cause it ain't my boobs causing the problem...I ain't got any :)

You are in the groove, and it's so nice to see ;)

Melissa H said...

Look at those abs!!! WOWZA!! So totally jealous! :-)

I need to get new Brooks, too. (Addictions) Doing it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

lmao~you know what's funny is my maiden name was Brooks :) Maybe I should take it back~I liked it better anyway haha :) and looking awesome girlie!

Anonymous said...

Love those tummy muscles!!! You are just ADORABLE!