Sunday, June 22, 2008

Still Here!

Hey Guys, i'm still around! Yesterday I had a REALLY low mental day. I took an off day as prescribed by Tony and ate extra greens. This led to eating WAY too much oatmeal. It's a new day though and I was up doing my early morning cardio and I feel much better today. Mood swings are crazy and i'm STARVING today! I still didn't get my pre contest diet grrr....He said this week and you better believe i'll keep bugging him until I get it! My body can't take this A, B thing anymore. Maybe if it was more cals but mine cals are 1298 one a day and 891 the next. I weighed this morning and I was 121.4 blah....I told you I had WAY to many oats. No worries though i'm feeling better and ready to get to it. Just want my new food ;) I know it's going to be the same food just scattered around different but still HA!

My mom came over tonight and we grilled out buffalo burgers YUMMO! She brought chocolate cake too :( What a B****! LOL! I do take after her. None crossed my lips though and it didn't even look good. Give me a big bowl of oats and i'll be happy...like yesterday hee hee!

I didn't have a period last month and I guess not this month either although my chesticles are sore, hate that.


Visionquester said...

Girl... you're kidding about the 891 right??

Chesticles.... that is so funny.. I heard that today for the first time, now I come on here and read it for the second time in one day!!!


Anonymous said...

Too funny, chesticles....mine are sore too, my nipticles to be exact. Don't have a clue as to why, had my 'friend' already this month. Good for you passing on chocolate cake. Yeah, I get all excited to get a new menu, even though there isn't MUCH change to it. T had me on a no carb for 3 days and then 1 day of low carb. FOR 5 WEEKS. Um, yeah, I was DONE with it. Now he's got me on the A & B thing. SO much happier, starts today! YAY!

April said...

C, I wish I was kidding :(

Evelyne, hopefully yours has some food on it LOL!!!

Lori said...

That's awful low for calories. No wonder you don't feel well. Hope things get better.

Colette said...

Glad things are going well for you.
Chesticles is a great word ;) I guess you've got your body fat well below "healthy" now, so are you trying to just gain muscle and fine tune stuff now?? Just wondering ;)

Tracy said...

Gosh... you rock just being able to go one day with 826 calories! Thats crazy!

I luv oats too! And when I get RF Natural PB, its like crack I tell you!

Anonymous said...

Ha I LOVE that image/sign thingie...so true!