Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Best Compliment EVER!!!!

One of my husbands friends wife got out of the car and actually said Oh dang I don't want to be in a bathing suit next to you all weekend!!! I looked behind me, noone was there, to the left, the right, hot damn she's talking about ME! It made me feel great and made eating a salad worth it while everyone else was eating burritos and nachos mmmmm......I did have some trail mix though. I'm not gonna lie and say I was 100% like I was last year. Oh and 1 beer, hey look at that lamp!

We had such a great time and i'm now burnt a little. Hey it comes with the hair coloring.

I had afterburns on my bi/tri workout today. I had to dust off the 5lbers. I felt like such a wuss HA!

At Target this morning I found coconut macroon coffee OMG it is so YUMMY!!!!!

It must have been a little windy :)


Tina said...

HOT DAMN....I wouldn't want to be any where near you on a beach either...you look fantastic, like Barbie and Ken there, I so am envious of your teeny, tiny waist!! I'm so glad you are back, you were missed as always!!

And you are killing me with that coffee, now I have to go out to get me some :) And I'm on water deplete right now, I'm gonna have to spend some on coffee :)

Colette said...

Dang girl, you look HOT...so does your hubby for that matter ;) I know I wouldn't want to be next to you either in a swim suit, but I would be eating a salad right along with you ;) You have been kicking butt and working hard, and boy does it show!!

Trojan said...

Ok..i want that damn coffee too.

Hey, nice lamp:) hehe

Glad you had a good weekend and you deserve hundreds more compliments!

Tracy said...

While I can't stand coffee, you do have me a little curious.

DAMN girl! Look how lean you are already! Now way in hell I'm getting up there with you if my bootie & thighs still look like cottage cheese!

Keep rockin it! Your doing great!