Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eatin Ain't Cheatin!

9 weeks out today YIPPEE! My weigh in was 114.8! That's what I weighed at 2 weeks out last show :)

Talked with Tony this week and he is very happy with my weight and wants me to be 113next week. I have a feeling this prep is gonna be AWESOME! He actually told me NOT to do so much cardio! I told him about the apples, almonds and yams i've been eating and he said that ain't cheatin :D WHEWY!

Today my mom and I went shopping in Metamora Indiana.It was so much fun. It's set up like a little village and the people were so friendly. I had an iced coffe with carmel, cinnamon, and hazlenut sugar-free divinci syrups and it was the best thing EVER!!! I had a few slivers of fudge too...just a few slivers and kept it at that. I don't want to get over 120 again and kill myself to work it off. Now that's cheatin :)


Angela said...


Now i want coffee :)

Melissa H said...

Funny, I just got back from having a sf coffee with davinci hazelnut, vanilla & cinnamon!

Where are the comp pics? Where are the comp pics? Where are the comp pics?
(I think I'm obsessing...)

Stef said...

I am glad you are doing so well post-comp! You will be so awesome in 9 weeks....not that you aren't awesome already... =P

Tina said...

Ahhh...girl you are well on your way...I can just see it....look at your back in that pulldown gym pose....love it!!! I'm actually thinking you've got more muscle there than your posing is getting to show up...keep flexing and posing...cause the photos you've posted where you are doing bodybuilding poses show as much muscle as I have when I do the same pose...can't wait to see where you come in for the next show...and I hate you about the cardio....but I guess I've went 8 weeks with none...if I don't get to it...its gonna catch up with me :) Love the pictures...you are so cute!! Can't wait to hang out in 9 weeks!!!!