Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who am I?

First off I want to say that i've been rubbing cocoa butter on that picture below to prevent stretch marks HA!

Since my comp I don't know who has taken over my body but I love whoever it is! I'm so happy with myself right now! I got back to clean eating the Tuesday after my show. I had a few treat like the slivers of fudge, bbq no bun and broccoli salad. I've had some nuts, a few bowls of cereal and until Tony sends me a new diet plan i'm gonna continue to eat my yams :) I had my last Metrx packet yesterday so i'll miss that :( I weighed 114.6 this morning and i'm shooting for 113.8 on Saturday. I KNOW i'll get there. If not...I had some peanuts and a Diet Sprite today so it's my fault. I AM IN CONTROL OF MY BODY THIS TIME! I'm so relaxed it's awesome. I'm not stressing being around food, in fact i'm going to a cookout with my hubs this Sunday! I'll be making oreo pudding....mmmmmm....will I have any? I don't know but i'm not stressing if I do! I don't plan on pigging out. That's my downfall. I'm strict for so long and then I gorge...like post comp. You saw the results :) I'm very happy with my clean plan though so that could be it. The cup of oats in the morning is my BFF!

I just finished my abs workout and the veins going down my stomach are SICK! Is it my stomach? Yes, I still have the profound lower pooch HA!

I'm just in a really good state of mind right now and I need to blog it so I don't forget. You know being female that could all change tomorrow! Speaking of that, no TOM for me this month WOO!

I've also been doing little cardio. Little in my cardio land world that is. I do 30~45 minutes Mon-Fri. Sometimes a fast walk, sometimes intervals, or an incline. Saturday and Sunday are walking Boomer or going to the track with Mike. You may think that is still alot but I do enjoy waking up early and doing cardio so it's just in my daily schedule.

So to sum it up...my body is a fat burning machine right now! I'm loving it! This doesn't mean i'm going to run to the nearest pizza shop but I may have a few extra yams here and there :) I can't wait for Muscle In The City!!! 57 days!

Well, I was gonna post a pic of my new shoes and sword rack but my computer is being a biatch right now!!


Britishlady said...

I love that place you're at right now..I think it's freakin awesome. AND yes...your body IS a fat burning machine!!! I posted today (check it out) about how DB is a lifestyle and that I've finally broken the disgusting binge cycle I was on...thank God for the T-man!

Enjoy those yams!

Stef said...

You sound like you are doing GREAT! That is sooooo wonderful to hear!! Keep up the good work...


Anonymous said...

Oooh!!! April is kickin' booty and takin' names!!! Spread the love, spread the love!! Whoo-hoo!!!

C2 said...

YIPPEE, I love to the mindset Sweets..... nothing like it, is there? And there is nothing wrong with eating yams, they are healthy! :) Enjoy them while you can! :)

Love you!

~ Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Picture of your new shoes and sword rack...now your talking! lol

As for the rest of your post I just blocked it all from my mind less I kill you...lmao jk girl you ROCK!

Melissa H said...

So happy to see your mindset. I know that you have talked about how you have really battled food/control issues, so this is so huge for you. :-) WTG!

Melissa H said...

So happy to see your mindset. I know that you have talked about how you have really battled food/control issues, so this is so huge for you. :-) WTG!

Tina said...

Keep it going girl...you won't believe what changes you can make in 8 weeks, I can't wait to see!!!

rockstarmom said...

Beyond the fact that reading your post made me go bake 4 dozen cookies (for my kids..but well, still!!)..it was awesome and I have to agree with Musclefetish..kinda made me want to hit you for just a teensy second - hahahahahaha!! You are ROCKING IT and I am happy that I am not competing against YOU with that attitude - YOU ARE IT!!!