Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bored So I'm Blogging

Disclaimer: There is a letter on my keyoard that isn't working right now

It's 7a Sunday morning and i'm getting ready to take my doggy for a walk. I woke up with a slight headache ut that's not stopping me. I woke up yesterday and I weighed in at 113.8! Then I "used the athroom' and weighed 113.6 :) Here is what I ended up eating yesterday and I thought my weight would e up more ut it's not!!

oats/egg whites
Yogurt parfait with rasperries and strawerries and granola shhhhh....
chicken roccoli
PWO shake
6 egg whites
turkey, roccoli, spinach/tomatoes
100 cal popcorn!

I also made cookies and the oreo dessert. OF COURSE I tasted some crums of the oreos :) I've also eaten 4 of the cookies! Oh well. That's life. I would have NEVER done this a few weeks ago though when I was trying my darnest to lose weight. When I last talked to Tony he told me to maintain around 113 and then at 6 weeks out we'll kick it up??? Not sure what all that means ut in my mind it means i'm gonna enjoying some oreo pudding today LOL!

Just let me live in this moment of my ody working :) OR is this what happens when you're fit? I AM remolding my ody as Tony say. The most important part is that if I have a treat today and then weigh tomorrow and i'm up significantly then I have the willpower to e super strict again. It's a lifestyle and I think i'm finally living it instead of fighting with it!


Michelle said...

LOL cause even after you said the disclaimer I was still like, hmm, wonder what is "chicken roccoli"???

Angela said...

LOL!! Im guessing its the B that isn't working....hehe!!!

mmmm....oreo dirt cake.....

Stef said...

Time to get a new keyboard!


Tina said...

Common Stace get on over here and help me kick her azz! I so hate you right now ;)

Lori said...

Everyone is positive today.

How many people read that and just kept looking for the letter not owrking. B.

Tracy said...

OMG girl! You have me cracking up over your blog comments! I will so have to introduce you to Julie at the Monster Mash. lol! I just love her, she's the bestest trainer in the whole wide world. But I'm biased.