Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost 1 weeks out :) 113.4

I just have to brag for a moment which actually I don't normally do. Of course it's about food. I got to eat 2 cups of oats yesterday! Yes you read that right! Little Miss Applebottom got extra oats!!!! I was in Heaven i'll tell ya. I saved them for last and ate it like dessert :) In my world that is desserts LOL! So now i'm tapering off carbs today for a bit. I'll skip the carb powder so that's 35g right there and then this morning I only had 1/2 a cup of oats. I have been getting 3/4~1 cups every morning BEEFCAKE!

This prep is so much better than anything i've done before. Obviously last time didn't work...partly my fault and the low/hi carb rotations don't work for my body. This time I could live off of this meal plan forever! With some pizza and M&M's thrown in now and again ;) My workouts are still full of energy although i'll admit my legs are about to die now. At least i'm only 1 week out as opposed to 4 weeks and they are dead.

After this I will continue to push myself until I rock the stage with my fellow redheads. I want to be my leanest EVER! Of course I want arms like Stacey too but I don't think that will happen in 2 months ;) Ladies where are you staying at in Rockford? Hubs wants to go ahead and book our hotel. As much as he is dreading it he mentioned doing that sooner than later.

I've seen some girls i'll be competing with next weekend. WHOA! We're talking me against Visionquester here. That's okay though. That's when it's good to not be a competitive person. I really just enjoy the backstage time and as much as I HATE people and doing things it's actually fun for me. Tony set a goal for Angela to be 110 sometime next week. I told her i'd try to get there as well. I was telling Mike about this and he is VERY competitive. He is all like ooohhh yeah you're going to beat her etc....I told him he's crazy. I said she is even LESS competitive than me LOL! Love you Angela and when you read this you had better have done extra cardio and eaten like a mouse so you're at 110 baby!

I saw a show this weekend about redheads. It was REALLY interesting. It was saying that we don't produce as much serotonin as other hair colored people?? Makes TOTAL sense! My sister was watching it with me bless her heart. She looked at me and said "April, now I understand why if I step on the back of your shoe you don't keep walking but turn around and punch me". LOL! Of course now when I fly off the handle I tell Mike i'm lacking serotonin. We also have a high pain tolerance...


GClef1970 said...

Over here laughing that you're not bragging about your teeny waist, your gorgeous muscles, a high weight rep set. Oh no, you're bragging about eating oatmeal. LOL


Anonymous said...

lol I agree with Melissa! and 2 cups of oats...I don't think I could even eat that much at one time!

LMAO @ the redhead stuff! I absolutely LOVE being a redhead and what they say is all so true! Also, with our high pain tolerance comes the resistance to anesthetics~fun!...omg I have a hell of a time at the dentist when they have to numb me and when I had my 3 kids...ridiculous amount of drugs lol! Bring it, love it, wouldn't change it :)

And as for the hotel...idk because I have yet to call Tina lmao! But agree, sooner is way better then later! I will call her tonight!

Angela said...

Yes, im eating light....and i have lots more cardio to do :)

And Im sure you are going to win...i cant see me getting to 110 yet~maybe another week or so!!! But you will be below that next week anyway ;)

Stef said...

So excited for you! OATS!!!! YUMMY!

Your show will be here before you know it!


Tina said...

I should have known I'd come here and be slapped in the face with those oats again :) So tell me what do you have to do to get those :)

And Stace tried to call me tonight...I had to get ready for work...we do need to get this all figured out though...I can't wait! Try and call me this weekend or I'm off all next week so call me then and we will get this party started!! April...you are on girl...I want to come in my leanest as well, with an upper body like Stacey's and stage presence like the both of you!! It's so on!!

Can't wait for next week April, can't wait to see what you've done to that phyisque with all those oats!!

On the seretonin...ummmm, somehow I've skipped the temper...I act more lie a blonde :)

Tracy said...

Okay, I may have to kill ya for rubbin' in the fact your get 2 frickin' cups of oats! WTF! =0}

I'm ooozing with jealousy!