Thursday, January 29, 2009

FFF the snow!

So my morning started off getting stuck in my driveway grrr...The stupid plow that finally came at 9p at night piled snow up on it. So here comes my husband, who had to wake up, to push me out. Acting all pissy and stuff. Okay boy i've been up for an hour and a half, ran 3.3 miles, and am getting ready to drive to work the last place I wanna be. He gets to work from home...poor guy. He proceeds to push my car which isn't budging one bit. He tells me to get the F out of the car. Like him pushing the gas pedal is any different from what i'm doing?? Nothing happens. So I proceed to push the car, yep you guessed it....pushed it right into the street! So i'm crying because he cussed at me and get in my car and said he's just mad that i'm stronger than him.

He emails me from work like nothing happened. I told him he made me cry...you all know how hard that is. He said he was tired and doesn't remember it. So at lunch he came and picked me up and brought Boomer too to make my day :) Then when I get home I have these with a cute made from scratch:

He also said he is going to rub my feet for a long time tonight YIPPEE!

I'm getting a new meal plan and workout regimen from Tony! I just might have my mojo back!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Feeling Funky

So i've been on no carb for 26 days now and i've been a rockstar! Except for that Wheat Thin day but it was Drs. orders right? Yesterday I was STARVING all day long! I even tried to stay in bed just so I wouldn't eat anything! Thank goodness I don't keep crap in the house or I might have eaten it. I did resist the yummy chocolate cake at my sister's b-day party though. So I had 1/2 cup of oats last night. They were so good! I haven't had them in so long LOL! My weight is staying the same and it's getting annoying.

The Arnold is getting so close! I'm so excited! We still need to get our expo tickets and the tickets to watch the show that the other diva duo will be in :) The weekend before is inventory at work YUCK! If i'm still employed there ;) WOO!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

30 Years Young!

You know you're old when your little sister is turning 30!! Happy B-day Rachel :D

I had a great time yesterday at the mall with Jodi :) Thanks for the peppermint coffee it's the BOMB!!! I didn't feel like trying on clothes since i'm fluffy so I got a hat and hair accessories instead.

Oh another reason i'm not trying on clothes is I took a 5% paycut yesterday grrr....I'm still employed though so I guess I should be thankful for that?? I'm thinking of going back to school for medical coding. Mike's mom does that and LOVES it! Plus that's a job that will always be needed no matter what the economy is going through. I went through this crap in 2000 also. Should have got out then.

My workouts have been sporadic lately in strength. Shoulder day went well, chest day ROCKED, legs pathetic, bicep same and today i'm doing triceps. I love when I don't have bi's and tri's together.

So i'm venturing off to my sister's b-day party this afternoon. I don't need to tell you all i'm not having cake...you know me by now ;)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Protect Your Fur Babies!


Peanut Butter in pet treats!!

I saw this on the news this morning. Dogs and cats don't watch the news so we have to protect them!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


LOL! I almost put a disclaimer on my post ***this is not me. Come on guys, now if it were Stacey posting that pic maybe but it's ME posting it ;)

Erik, how did you know? Just joking :)

It is Noel Clark! WOO! She's HOT!

I envisioned my shoulders looking like hers when I was working out.

Good eye Jodi, that's why you have a criminial justice degree.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Workin IT!!!

I had a GREAT workout today! It started off with 25 mins of light cardio this morning. Then tonight I had shoulders and then during my ending cardio I bumped it up a bit. It felt GREAT!

I just made my husbands dinner though and I had a bite of baked beans. That's it though I just wanted the taste ;) Since i'm NOT trying to put on muscle I need to start doing some more cardio to get this fluff off. I'll rephrase that, i'm always wanting more muscle but i'm not going to eat a surplus to get it.

Tomorrow morning i'm going to do more cardio. I just love how I feel the rest of the day while doing it.

The nurse from the hospital called me today. She asked how "the healthy" patient was doing. The other nurses were jealous because they had to deal with old people LOL! I'm doing fine and i'm not uncomfortable at all anymore!

Oh yeah, during my shrugs tonight I pulled something in my neck! I had read Latgirls post to so I should have been warned but NO...I did them and now I have a kink in my neck. I think i'm going to let Tony know that I don't want to do these anymore. Let's face it, i'm never going to be She-ra so I don't think my body will miss them.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stir Crazy

My goodness i'm going crazy! I HATE not being able to do what I want. I just want to go for a long run! At least a short walk would be nice. I'm REALLY just taking it easy this weekend. I need to heal and i'm doing better today because I rested yesterday. I just have to remind myself that this is the best thing for my body right now and i'm not going to gain 10 lbs overnight. Mike even told me today that since I NEVER rest this is what my body really needs especially right now. I know he's right so i'm really trying not to go upstairs right now and get on my treadmill grrrrr...you better believe at 4:30a tomorrow morning though i'm hopping on it :D

My work isn't going to great right now. We are REALLY slow and trying everything to cut cost including chopping heads off. Someone from my dept was let go last week. That could have been me. So far Gods plan for me is to stay there but I almost want it to be me so that I get off my butt and find a job that makes me happy. Is there such a thing?

Mom and I went and saw Bride Wars today. I give it an A! I love Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway so that made it more enjoyable. I admit I even had some tears in my eyes :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's About That Time

When I was in the hospital room Thursday the nurse came in to hook my IV up. She looked at me and said oh great, it's hard to find a vein on you redheads. I've never heard that one. She looked at my arms and said which one do you want it in? I said well I have an IV scar on my right arm so put it in the left and see if I can get another. She wrapped the rubberband around my arm and was amazed at my vein :) I said I workout LOL! I was happy about the veins especially since i'm not taking supps right now.

So it's about that time that my husband will start to workout and eat better because the cruise is almost here. This time of year I get pissed because i'm constantly staying busy, eating clean and getting chubby?? Doesn't make sense. Then he just cuts out his mayonnaise and loses 10 lbs grrrr....

I'm going crazy not doing any cardio. Last night I did my back workout and it flew by since there wasn't any ending cardio segment. Today i'm going to do my bi/tri/abs and not do cardio just to heal some more. I was in the store this morning and felt like I was gonna pass out. I couldn't sleep for anything last night. I even took 2 of my pain killers because they normally make me feel all good and sleepy but nothing this time. Boomer and I just tried to take a nap and I still couldnt' sleep. Now i'm gonna go lay on the couch like a blob and eat bon bons. Just kidding, however I am gonna go lay on the couch like a blob.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Thanks Guys!

Thanks for the well wishes and prayers they worked! I'm at home and feeling fine. I have some discomfort when I pee but that's about it. Yesterday's diet was AWFUL! I had an entire box of Wheat Thins and a cup of Jello. That was on the Drs. diet ;) So today i'm back to Tony's diet and feeling MUCH better. I tried to do a bit of cardio. Just a walk on an incline and 17 mins into it I had to stop. So I better rest so I can really heal up.

With the windchill today it's -30 degrees here EEK! Guess who is out of food? No not me, that would never happen. My little girl...i'm a bad mommy :) So we're gonna go to PetSmart in a bit.

Thanks again! You guys are the best!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TOM got the best of me

Man, I hate blogging when i'm depressed but I need to remember these times. I'm not really depressed just feeling like a bloated blob and to make matters worse the surgery is tomorrow! I ate 7 peanut M&M's today, more than my ounce allowance of almonds, and work is getting so bad that they even took away the water coolers today!! I'm not going to continue on a downward spiral though, no sir! I just want to get this dang surgery over with, heal and then be gung ho!

Yesterday there was brownies, muffins and mexican food and I didn't even look at it. Okay that's a lie I looked at it and watched everyone feed their fat faces. I am so strong and times and then today I freaking ate those damn M&M's. Oh well, i'm not going to dwell on that. Tonight Mike, Mom, Sis and I are going to go eat at Applebee's :) I may see if my dad wants to come too. I'm going to eat the tilapia and double broccoli mmmm....that may be my last meal for awhile. I can't eat or drink anything after midnight and I have to be at the hospital at 5:30a. I can't wait to start taking my supplements again!!!!

I'll let you guys know how things went Sat or Sun. Thanks Jessica for your wise words on my last post :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It Finally Happened

TOM has arrived. I have not had it since June or July. I'm actually glad it's here because my weight is above 115 and i'm not doing much cardio so it's natural that it would come back. Figures it comes back the week of my surgery ugh...

This explains a lot of things though, why i've been REALLY grumpy, why I felt like crying for no reason and why i've been wanting CHOCOLATE!!! Good thing the diet i'm on doesn't allow for many carbs or M&M's would be hopping into my mouth ;)

Yesterday I did some extra cardio because i'm starting to think my body isn't going to lose being 100% on my diet. I just get these thoughts in my head that i'll start hardcore after my surgery because there is no need to do that much since i'll be out for a few days. In reality I should just do it now and actually rest for a few days. I NEVER rest so it'll probably be good for me.

Okay that's enough blabbing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are You Serious?

I went to Walmart today and the lady in front of me was buying 2 boxes of Special K, 3 boxes of their protein bars and protein waters. Are you serious? Evidentally she saw that commercial to lose 6 lbs in 2 weeks. The bad part is she wasn't even overweight. Of course who am I to judge? Before I found Tony I was doing the same things.

So one of my fitness goals is to work a booth at the Aronld. This was a goal before I became a member of Tight Curves. So now I actually have a shot at it but I don't want to do it?? I think hanging out with Angela, Stacey and Tina would be much more rewarding :) Plus Angela and I have already made plans for Starbucks on the drive there ;)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dream Teen

I got Tony's newsletter this week and it REALLY spoke to me. It's about teens and the obesity problem amongst them. I wasn't obese per se but I was very uneducated. Watching my family yo-yo diet and starve themselves became a common thing around me. At the age of 14 is when I remember starting my roller coaster. I use to workout like mad and eat nothing. Or I would eat bread and rice because they didn't have fat in them. I bet many of you can relate. I had no one to teach me about nutrition. As I got older I educated myself but that's just it. I really didn't KNOW what I was doing. Sure I wasn't eating out and I was starting to eat vegetables but it wasn't until I got Tony's diet that the lightbulb came on.

I think back to how unhappy and how unconfident I was with my body. If only I knew the nutrition aspect of the equation I may have had happier years. There wasn't the awareness that there is now about how unhealthy certain foods are. Or is it just that since i'm aware I think others should be? There are still clueless people who don't know they are eating bad.

For ex. My husband went to On the Border last week. He told me he was good and ate the fish tacos. I then looked up the nutrition on them. Fish Tacos So he thought he was doing well but look at the fat in that thing!

He lives with me and hears me preach about eating etc...so this just goes to show you how uneducated people still are.

I think Dream Teen is an excellent idea and I support this 100% If you know someone who could use this please email Tony. Trust me I wish I would have had something like this when I was younger. It's up to us adults to help out the children and teens of the world.

Do you know a teenager who may be obese?

Have youth struggling with weight issues in your family?

The teenage obesity problem has now been labeled an "epidempic"!

One recent study stated that over 9 million kids from age 6 to age 19 are overweight and they are highly likely to develop diabetes, heart disease and a host of weight-related health issues that could become life-threatening!

The following is probably the scariest of all.

One recent study declared that we are the first generation in the history of our nation who may see our own children die before we do as a result of obesity.

When must take responsibility for our part in all of this.

Listen, the kids don't learn to dip their french fries in honey mustard from the TV...they watch us.

I'm very concerned about our youth and DreamBodies will be taking a hands-on approach here in New York and also around the World with our Dream Teens Fitness programs and resources.

We will be offering a lot of these resources FREE of charge.

The first resource to be given away starts today.

We will give away the following book to those requesting it:

"Guide to Help Teenagers Lose Weight"

In this book:
What are the psychological issues for overweight teens? In this chapter, you'll learn all about the mental issues that need to be considered. To your teen, the weight may not even be a thought...which makes this an even more difficult situation to approach. Do you know how best to handle it?

How do you go about parenting an overweight teen without creating more problems? Sometimes, saying, or doing the wrong thing could make matters worse. It takes just the right amount of parenting to handle this delicate situation.

How can teens lose weight safely and quickly?We'll reveal the safest, and fastest ways for a teen to lose weight quickly. One thing you never want to do, is to jump on one of the "fad" diets. The actual best way may be surprising...

How worried should you, as a parent, be about your teens weight? It's normal, and appropriate for a parent to worry about their teen being overweight. But just how worried should you be? We'll break it down, and reveal the best course of action.

And a lot more!

This book is FREE and the ONLY thing we ask is that you send a personal email to us requesting it and forward this newsletter to family and friends to help us all bring awareness, and also to pass along the resources.

We are handling requests on a first come, first serve basis.

Send your request to: info@dreambodies.net
Please put "Free Teen Book" in the subject heading of the email and supply the email address where you would like the ebook sent.

Once again, please keep in mind that all requests will be serviced on a first come, first serve basis.

Let's lead by example! My Amazing Body and Health!

New Year...New You????
New Year, New You!!




Tony DiCostanzo
DreamBodies Body Transformation Systems

Friday, January 2, 2009

Game On!

I'm back! My mindset is solid and I am in control! Last night I went to my mom's for pot roast, carrots and potatoes. I willingly ate my fish and asparagus :) This wasn't actually on my plan but shoot me. I had bought some asparagus for $1.47 per lb and i'm not letting it go to waste ;)

I want my butt to look like that! I love the way my butt is right now actually. It's bigger and round and I feel like a girl. The only problem is that my love handles are bigger too ugh...I have FFS as Em would call it :) Fat Face Syndrome. My mom says I look healthier with a chubby face. So mom are you calling me chubby? I know that's not it at all but in my whacked out mind that is what I hear.

I have been talking to myself and reminding myself that it was the holidays and I needed to relax and be with family. That is true but no one put all the fudge and cookies in my mouth! Each year I get better at this lifestyle and learn new things and strategies. So April if you are reading this next year YES it's okay to indulge but there is a limit. You don't need to eat 8 cookies in one sitting just because you won't have them for awhile!!!

60 more days until the Arnold! WOO! Game is on for me! I'm on my new diet and I WILL start doing more cardio. This past week i've not been doing any only what is at the end of my workouts. Of course i'll be bed ridden for about 5-6 days after my surgery. I'm hoping for faster healing but i'm not planning on it. With my diet I should still be losing fat while being a blob in bed too.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Is Here!

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I'm not sure what this year has in store for me, but I do know that I have 3 great friends that I can't wait to share it with! Let me not forget Jodi though ;) She is a friend that I could see at anytime though LOL!

I'm so glad that 2008 is over with. It was a REALLY bad year for my family. My sister is still living with my dad due to her house being destroyed by the flood. She is a lot stronger than I am though and she's really proven that. I'm very proud of her and her husband for dealing and getting through this together.

On the fitness front I started my new diet today WOO! I already feel tons better and I can't wait to see what a few weeks on the diet brings. Of course then i'll be laying in bed for a bit due to surgery ugh...